How to do a facial massage from wrinkles

The facial massage was known in Ancient Egypt. The beautiful Cleopatra used to RUB the face with warm and icy stones of different roughness objects. Perhaps that is the secret of beauty helped her to become famous for its unprecedented beauty and smoothness of the skin? Try to understand the benefits of facial massage in more detail.

  1. Facial massage improves blood circulation in the epidermis, which enhances the power of skin cells. The dermis is saturated in vitamins, minerals, oxygen.
  2. Regular massage relaxes your muscles, prevents them from sagging, leads them in tone. Due to this, the face pulling, disappear bryli hang the upper eyelid is less prominent, it appears lost oval face.
  3. Massage from wrinkles removes the upper callous layer of the skin, leaving the surface smooth and delicate. Regular exfoliation speeds up the skin regeneration, makes it refreshed and look younger.
  4. Cómo hacer un masaje en la cara de arrugas
  5. Constant stimulation of skin leads to acceleration of collagen and elastin. Due to this the skin becomes more elastic and smooth.
  6. Normalization of blood circulation eliminates broken capillaries, age spots, uneven color. The skin becomes smooth and tranquil tone with no imperfections.
  7. If you do the massage constantly, you can dramatically reduce creases from nose lips triangle wrinkles around the eyes. This improves the overall condition of the skin will become taut and fresh.
  8. If you suffer from facial swelling, massage will help to rid the skin of excess fluid. This is particularly necessary for women who suffer from bags under the eyes.
  9. In addition to cosmetic effects, massage helps to cope with health problems. Measured relaxing facial massage soothes, relaxes, relieves headaches and insomnia.

Facial massage is not only getting rid of existing wrinkles. Regular stimulation of the skin is a wonderful protection and the prevention of possible irregularities and folds. If you do everything right, you can not only stop time, but reverse it!

How to prepare for the massage

Massage is a serious procedure that does not tolerate illiteracy. When wrong-doing is possible on the contrary to stretch the skin. It will look about the Vistula, there will be many new wrinkles.

First you need to prepare your skin for the massage. If you have dry skin, it is first necessary races to soar. To do this, prepare a decoction of herbs and hold face over the steam for at least 5 minutes. Races to soar the face is not recommended if you have oily skin with enlarged pores. In this case, you can just make a warm compress with herbs.

Before the massage, gather your hair and rinse hands. You have to apply to the skin a thin coat of any oil or cream. If you are using a new cosmetic product which has never before applied on the skin, do an Allergy test. To do this, apply a little money on the inside of the elbow or wrist. If you do not have redness and itching – you can use the product on the skin. Very convenient to combine a facial massage with mask. The effect of such procedure increases significantly.

el masaje facial antiarrugas

How to do facial massage

Best massage before bedtime to after the procedure to load the muscles of the face facial expressions. Best massage in a seated position into a relaxed state. Exercises should be performed consistently.

  1. First a little fluff face. To do this, races to soar epidermis needs a little petting, pinching, slightly knead with fingertips. You can do a light pressure on the bridge of the nose, the wings of the nose, region "crow's feet". Light tingling and sipping of skin stimulate blood flow. When the skin acquire pink shade and will burn a bit – she's ready to massage.
  2. Pull-up movement in massage should be directed from the bottom up. That you should remember once and for all. So you need to do massage, nails and RUB cream. Get into this habit and you will slow down the process of sagging skin on the face.
  3. Use your finger from the center of the chin to the earlobes. Movement should be smooth, smooth. This exercise is aimed at pulling the flews.
  4. Then make several lines from the center point of the lower lip to the ear lobes.
  5. Draw a trajectory from the center of the upper lip to the temples. Each smooth movement you need to repeat 8-10 times (with both sides of the face).
  6. Then we perform the lifting movements from the corners of the lips to the center of the ears. The movement should be not just to stroke and pull-up.
  7. Next pressing on the indentations around the nose wings. Do intense 4-5 clicks, and then swipe from the designated place to the temples. Such movements to protect our face from the formation of nasolabial folds.
  8. You can then proceed to massage the upper part of the face. To do this, draw a line from the nose to the outer edge of the eyebrows. This helps to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead.
  9. To get rid of hang-century with the help of this exercise. Pinch a little skin between your finger and swipe the crease from one corner to the other. Such manipulation is the eyebrow. Don't forget to work both sides of the face.
  10. The following movement aimed at tightening the skin around the eyes. To do this, swipe with fingertips from outer corner to the inner eye on the lower eyelid and back on the upper eyelid. Then use your fingertips to make a light Pat on the lower eyelid. This will allow to get rid of the accumulation of excess fluid and the formation of bags under the eyes.
  11. Then don't forget to massage according to Pat, to clap and light pinch décolleté. After all, this area often gives the true age of the woman.
  12. Finish the massage you can on to bash the leather back of his hand. After to clap don't forget to make the prevention of formation of double chin – clap the back of your hand under the chin.
  13. After the procedure, wipe the face with ice. He will calm inflamed skin, reduce enlarged pores,tightening the oval of the face and result in epidermis tone. Greater effect can be achieved if instead of plain water to freeze to use decoctions of herbs, the juice of berries and fruits.

To perform this massage daily is better. In this case, tangible results can already be noticed after 2-3 weeks of regular treatments. If the aim of the massage is prevention of wrinkles, to do it only 2-3 times a week.

What to do massage

It was stated earlier that massage better to do with oil or cream. The cream should be individually selected for your skin type. But it is better to use cosmetic oil which saturate the skin with the necessary vitamins. Burdock oil will give the skin a natural radiance and youthful glow. Coconut oil makes the face fresh and elastic. Almond oil is very good for problem skin – eliminates acne and blackheads. Peach seed oil is generally considered one of the best – it stimulates the active regeneration of skin cells, slows the aging process. To massage the face need warm oil – heat it in a water bath before the massage. Upon completion of the procedure, the face wash is not necessary, just wipe with a dry cloth.

You can do massage with different natural ingredients. For example, mix yogurt with chopped cucumber and use this mixture instead of massage oil. So not only do you get the effect of the massage, but also significantly moisten the epidermis, rubbing it such useful components.

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Some people need to be very careful when performing a facial massage against wrinkles. If you have warts or large moles hanging, massaging the area can not. In addition, women with oily skin should be wary of massage because the increased blood circulation accelerates all processes, including the activity of the sebaceous glands.

You need to be careful in the massage, if on the lips have herpes, and the skin for any cuts and damage. Massage with a large number of painful acne pimples should also. If the facial skin is rosacea, massage the area with spider veins should be very, very delicately. Facial massage also can not be done with such rare hereditary diseases as hemophilia. If you doubt whether you can do massage for a particular diagnosis, consult your doctor.

A rare woman does not want to look perfect. And even more rarely a woman agrees to put a person under the knife to look beautiful and young. After all, it is a kind of lottery. You're lucky – will be beauty, will be the traces of a lifetime. In order not to risk its natural beauty and health, pull the face and get rid of wrinkles safely. The only true result is the regularity of action. And then you can be proud of your reflection in the mirror at any age.