As 15 minutes to refresh the skin?

But the task is complicated by the fact that it is usually time to rectify the situation low, and the result should be stunning. Pantry popular recipes offers a variety of Express methods, which are able to provide emergency assistance to at home.

Rule of healthy skin

There is a rule of healthy skin: maintain humidity thoroughly clean and nourish the skin using natural ingredients.

Regula sanus cutis Indicators fresh and healthy skin
  • elasticity;
  • the lack of haze;
  • velvety;
  • elasticity;
  • the natural Shine.

With age, all of these items lose their original state because of the violation of the right of health of the sebaceous glands, and... the first wrinkles appear.

Do not despair, because to maintain vitality enough every day at home to spend certain 15-minute cosmetic procedure.

Fresh faces in 15 minutes – really?

Refresh the skin on the face at home – it's very simple, incredibly fast, not expensive and just as effective as in the beauty salon. The only difference is that the absolute security of funds. All components for the preparation of creams, masks, spray and lotion at home – natural products, and, therefore, absolutely harmless to health.

To the best effect, it is desirable to approach the issue comprehensively and not be limited to only one mask. How to refresh your face? To achieve the goal, all methods are good – and washing, and reducing agents, and massage. Refresh the skin will help an Express mask and quick sprays.

Using quick mask and spray for the transformation of the skin is an effective result for the least time. Such a solution fits all.

Nova faciem in 15 minutes-real

Yes, most refreshing masks and sprays, home-cooked, has the same purpose as an Express mask, but their effects require regular use because of the slow and gradual effects of nutrient active substances in the cells of the dermis. Alas, time is never enough...

How is the effect?

The basis of rapid methods for the refreshment of the skin – the presence of components with instantaneous effect on the "problem areas" of the skin. They quickly penetrate and complex effect on its condition.

  • Normalize the circulatory system. Improving the process of blood flow, resulting in better skin tone. Disappears yellow, gray and pale. In their place comes back to life a joyful glow and a natural color.
  • Cleanse the skin. Dead cells exfoliation, and the upper layer of the epidermis will be updated.
  • Smooth out the roughness. Relief derma acquires a uniformity and integrity.
  • Eliminates the fat Shine.
  • Discolor pigmented areas.
  • Hydrate cells.

The advantages of Express-methods:

  • immediate effect;
  • the safety means;
  • time savings.

15 minute Express therapy – and the skin tone, it's fresh and radiant. And it's not "bare phrase," and the result of the complex influence of component composition. In the mirror you will see:

  • a natural glow;
  • natural Shine;
  • natural freshness;
  • smooth skin.

Despite the stunning result, a realist still should stay. If there were the wrinkles on your face, they will not disappear at all, just their prominence is not so clearly marked.

Recipes, refreshing the skin

Many recipes of masks, sprays, lotions for every taste and any ingredients affordable way to own at home to carry out the procedure for rejuvenation, nourishment, tone and hydration of the dermis.

The Council Decided to use only one of the recipes, do a test-monitoring of the compatibility of the used components and of the epidermis. Protect yourself from unwanted allergic reactions.

Facial spray "Water + green tea"

  • Brew green tea with quarter Cup of boiling water.
  • Cool brew tea.
  • Add half of the cucumber and a spoonful of rose petals.
  • All the contents blend until smooth with a blender.
  • Spray the spray on the skin.

Spray Pink

To achieve hydration, rejuvenation and give the skin a pleasant light scent under the force of rose petals.

  • Place the rose petals on the bottom of the pan
  • Fill them with water.
  • Put the saucepan on low heat.
  • "To extinguish" the petals until then, until they lose their color.
  • Cool, fresh skin obtained by the spray.
Viridi tea potest facere magna sagittis dignissim

Mask "Salt"

  • In a glass of non-carbonated mineral water dissolve 5 grams of purified table salt.
  • Add in a solution of a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.
  • Stir contents.
  • Dip in a solution of a textile cloth made of natural fibers (such as cotton handkerchief).
  • Damp cloth cover the skin and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Contrast wash "ice Cubes"

If you urgently need to look "on all hundred", you should use the primitive way of quickly restoring the tone.

  • Ice cubes, wipe the facial skin in the direction of massage lines.
  • Repeat several times (2 minutes per session is sufficient).

The face has to dry naturally.

Note. To wash not only the ice cubes made from mineral water. Great operate decoction of chamomile flowers and calendula, sage or nettle. They will help to refresh the face and soothe the skin in case of irritation.

Mask "Cottage Cheese"

Suitable for dry and normal skin type. Refreshes the skin, improves its colour.

  • Mix cottage cheese (1 tbsp) sour cream (2 tbsp).
  • Spread dairy products.
  • In the received structure add 5 grams of salt.
  • Apply the mask on the face.
  • Rinse tools at first warm, and then cold water.

Mask "Tea"

  • Green tea leaves mixed with 75 g of mayonnaise (the mayonnaise should be homemade).
  • The resultant mass lay evenly.
  • Soak time.
  • The remains of the mass rinse with warm water.
  • Clean the skin tonic without alcohol.

Mask "Protein"

Larva Calce color
  • Whisk egg protein.
  • Mix it with 3 tbsp sour cream 100 g of cheese (milk products is the ideal means to achieve beauty and freshness of the face).
  • Apply the composition to the skin.
  • When the procedure is completed, wash with warm water.

Mask "Lime color"

  • Dry Linden flowers (2 tablespoons) pour boiling water.
  • Cook the contents until a thick mixture.
  • The resulting mass RUB the skin.
  • After 15 minutes of rejuvenating rinse with lime blossom face water.

Digest tips and recommendations

  • It is necessary to align the color and eliminate the traces of pallor? Well help a hydrating mask of fresh vegetables, berries and fruits.
  • Want to get rid of Shine? An aqueous solution of white vinegar eliminates impurities in the pores, will remove fat plaque.
  • Dream on blush on cheeks and firmer skin? Washing with ice cubes closer to the dream.
  • Strive to give the skin tone? Protein, cottage cheese mask and composition of banana and a spoon of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice – the best recipes to achieve the goal.
  • Skin irritation? To calm it fat yogurt, which is enough to lubricate the face for 15 minutes.
  • Complex because of the bags under the eyes? Mask of grated fresh potato, put on your eyes, removes puffiness of the eyelids.

To give the skin freshness at home is a simple reality, if in addition to refreshing masks in your daily routine to add a long sleep, proper nutrition, and positive emotions. Try it!