Especially injections from wrinkles

Injections from wrinkles help:

  • to eliminate expression lines and age wrinkles;
  • to give leather cover elasticity;
  • remove droopy cheeks and double chin.

However, this way of eliminating skin problems is not always possible to use, as there are a number of contraindications, including the following:

  • the presence of individual intolerance substances contained in the injection;
  • of blood clotting;
  • skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, etc.);
  • the presence of oncological pathologies;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hypertension;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding.
Contraindications for injection of wrinkles

Is it possible to stab yourself?

Conduct these procedures at home without the supervision of experts strongly recommended. To give an injection correctly will only beautician that knows what points need to inject the drug.

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Only allowed to self-administer injections based on collagen or hyaluronic acid, which is produced in the form of a gel. It's less effective drugs, but they help to visually reduce the signs of aging on the face.

Varieties of anti-wrinkle injections

Injections wrinkles are different and based on different drugs. To eliminate signs of aging on the face is possible with Botox, collagen injections or hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy. Each variety has its own features and advantages, but also disadvantages.


Beauticians use the injections on the basis of Botox to get rid of facial wrinkles that occur due to the movement of the facial muscles. Therefore, the drug is injected inside the muscle way. It blocks the flow of nerve impulses to the muscles, helping them relax, lock cuts and wrinkles.

The main task of the cosmetician is not to immobilize with the help of the drug the facial muscles, which are folds, and to reduce increased muscle tone and to preserve the natural facial expressions. The basis of this medication is botulinum toxin, which only blocks the communication between nerve impulses and muscle tissue. But neither the muscles nor the nerve endings in these procedures will not be damaged.

Botox works only for four to six months, after which the blockade of nerve impulses is removed and the facial muscles is restored to its previous state.

Such injections from wrinkles require prior preparation, namely:

  • should abandon antibiotics and drugs that prevent normal blood clotting ;
  • the day is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages;
  • on the day of procedure, refrain from sports and exercise.

How is the procedure?

For starters cosmetologist must conduct a preliminary consultation, where he will be able to assess the condition of the skin, to establish the presence of facial wrinkles, as muscular tissue, to determine which areas require intervention and in what quantity will require the introduction of the drug.

And before any other shot, be sure to disinfect the skin. Then with a syringe and very fine needle (typically, the diameter is only 0.3 mm) inject Botox into the muscles with high tone. The procedure of injection injection takes about three to five minutes. Then the skin is again treated with preservative and cooled.

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Botox is not particularly painful procedure. To make such injection possible without painkillers, but in most cases, the cosmetic applied on the skin special cream for local anesthesia. If you carry out the procedure without anesthesia, the patient reviews say that compared injections can mosquito bites.

Result after the procedure

Usually, the mimic muscles are relaxed for five to seven days. Maximum results can only be seen two weeks after the injection. However, there are instances associated with individual characteristics of the person when the drug acts after a couple of days, but sometimes it may take up to one month. Thus, everything depends on the organism and specific circumstances.

There are people who do not have sensitivity to the active substance botulinum toxin. Insensitive to him are the people who have suffered from or was treated for botulism botulinum toxin in large doses for medical requirements.

After the Botox is no longer valid, the facial muscles begin to shrink again. However, artificial muscle relaxation people the withdrawal from your old habits – squinting the eyes or strain the skin on your forehead during the expression of certain emotions. Therefore, even in the absence of repeated treatments of facial wrinkles may disappear altogether.

Restrictions after the injection

For complete healing after the injections will take several days. To not interfere with the recovery process of the skin, you need to follow certain guidelines:

  • do not go to bed and lie three or four hours after the injection;
  • don't take the day drugs that affect blood coagulation (the same applies to alcoholic beverages);
  • do not touch the skin at the injection injections two days;
  • do not bend head down for a long time 2 days;
  • avoid physical activity for two days;
  • stay cool: avoid tanning under the sun, baths and saunas for 10 days.

Collagen injections

Collagen is a natural protein that, like other substances used in cosmetics contained in the body. Useful as this component is the ability to absorb fluid and its binding. Because of this collagen strengthens the skin and tones it. Rich in nourishing ingredients, the skin will look much younger and healthier. Therefore, on the basis of collagen produce beauty products.

In his youth, the additional introduction of collagen are needed by the body, as its synthesis is normal. But age changes require this, due to the sharp reduction in the natural production of fibers and consequently the appearance of wrinkles.

Beauty and collagen

A long period of time injections of collagen into the forehead, cheeks and other areas of the face was the most popular procedure among similar. Today there are other options to fillers, however, products based on collagen remain popular. For procedures use three types of component:

  • the donation of collagen;
  • artificially created in a lab from their own cells of the client;
  • bovine collagen.

Often use a substance of animal origin. But the introduction of the drug based on the bovine collagen must be careful due to the fact that animal proteins are an alien component to the human body. In order to use such a collagen pre-treated with certain chemical reagents.

Add the collagen and ordinary cosmetics. At the points of sales are masks and creams made on the basis of collagen. However, they pale in comparison to the fillers of wrinkles. This is due to the fact that the result of injections can be seen in just a few hours after the injection, and the effect of cosmetics can remain invisible to others.

What it's used for injections of collagen?

Beauticians use injection in order to resolve the following problems on the face:

  • shallow age wrinkles;
  • wrinkles on the lower eyelids;
  • wrinkles around the mouth and nasolabial folds;
  • irregular contour of the chin;
  • the bumps on the skin.

The procedure

Before you do lip injections, cosmetics testing. It allows you to determine whether the client is allergic to the components included in the composition of particular fillers (wrinkle filler).

The filler is injected quickly, the beautician, it will require no more than an hour. The effect will be noticeable almost immediately, but saved it for a while. To improve the condition of the skin with injections of collagen can be on time from three months to six months, and then requires repeated administration of the drug.

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Fillers with hyaluronic acid

If you are pressing the question of what to stick under eyes to get rid of wrinkles, and what fillers do not cause allergies, then you can recommend fillers based on hyaluronic acid. This is one of the most common ways the fillers that rejuvenate the skin.

Result of procedures

These injections anti-wrinkle-based hyaluronic acid help to retain moisture in the skin and to cross-link collagen fibers. Such therapy is called "biorevitalization". This name is often found in the ads of beauty salons. Injections with hyaluronic acid can be applied from wrinkles on a forehead, around lips, wrinkles under the eyes.

Procedure bio revitalization takes no more than 30 minutes. The main advantage of fillers with hyaluronic acid is that the result of the injections lasts for a long time. Wrinkles become less noticeable within one year. Another advantage of these injections is the lack of allergic reactions in patients.


That prick from wrinkles cosmetologists, in addition to the above drugs? Do not have to enter under the skin fillers or collagen, it is possible to enrich the skin other useful medicinal substances, which will help it to rejuvenate. Mesotherapy is the administration of medications in a minimum amount at a shallow depth (not more than four millimeters) using a special small and thin needles. After this procedure the skin gets useful components, which absorption, but will have the necessary impact.

Mesotherapy is performed in several ways. This manual and the injection using a disposable syringe and small needle, and the procedure based on the use of the meso injector. Help these injections from wrinkles around the eyes, due to the small diameter of the needle.

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The duration of the effect

The drug, which is injected under the skin, will act within weeks, and then will need several more treatments. The number of injections will depend on the condition of skin and which will put the therapist in each case. The average number of treatments is 6 to 12 trips to the beautician.

To support a second course of mesotherapy you may need in six months. Sometimes these procedures are carried out 1 time per month on the recommendation of a beautician.


Injections from wrinkles is an effective method of rejuvenation, which helps for a while to make the skin more beautiful and young. Before giving consent for treatment, be sure to evaluate all the arguments in favor and against it.

The important thing is to choose a cosmetologist in good standing, which will help to eliminate the risk of adverse reactions and achieve the desired result, namely, to smooth out wrinkles. That procedure was effective, correctly take care of leather cover and follow all recommendations of your doctor.