The methods of facial rejuvenation as it is practiced in salons, clinics and at home

To look young at any age — every woman's dream. And thanks to advances in modern science it is possible. Cosmetology and plastic surgery offer a range of rejuvenating treatments aimed at combating the negative changes in the complex. A comparable effect can give and home care — quality care, a massage, gymnastics. The most important thing before treatment is to consult with an expert who will tell you whether it is necessary for you, will result in the suppression of the most pronounced in your case of problems and will determine if there are any contraindications.

methods of rejuvenation

The mechanism of action of anti-aging treatments for the skin

The first signs of aging typically appear around 30 years. While this process is irreversible. The main reason for negative changes sharply declining production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These substances are responsible for maintaining the elasticity and maintain the skin's moisture. Collagen fibers and elastin form a supporting grid, without which it sags under gravity. Gradually reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat, reduced the rate of tissue regeneration, there are problems with the permeability of capillaries. The skin no longer receives the oxygen and nutrients in the required amount. After menopause and menopause situation is compounded by the added hormonal problems.

The most obvious manifestations:

  • the ageing contours of the face;
  • loose skin, covered with mesh of wrinkles;
  • skin folds on the cheeks, neck, under the chin, hanging eyelids;
  • expression lines and deeper wrinkles;
  • pigmentation spots and vascular "stars";
  • unhealthy color, uneven terrain, dullness of the skin.

Your Arsenal of tools to fight aging every woman. Most importantly — a comprehensive approach and regularity. The only way to determine what best suits you is to try several options. It is useful to visit a beautician or dermatologist. Specialist will conduct a professional skin diagnosis and determine the most pressing issues, recommend cosmetics or a salon to care for her, will show useful natural ingredients.

Any anti-aging treatments are intended to compensate for the resulting deficit is vital to skin. But there is a significant difference creams and other cosmetics "work" mostly in the upper layers of the epithelium, cosmetic procedures can deliver them deeper into the dermis. This is due to the difference in the result. To consolidate the effect of the useful home treatments — massage, gymnastics. But still the help of a cosmetologist will have to apply regularly.

Popular salon treatments

Most often, women struggling with aging, resort to salon procedures. The main thing — to take the time and effort to choose a good specialist. The effect largely depends on compliance with the appropriate technology. But even when properly conducted procedure, it will not be permanent. On average, you can expect 1-1.5 years.

Laser rejuvenation

laser rejuvenation

The procedure allows to get rid of wrinkles of medium depth, restore skin tonus and healthy color, and the oval face clarity. Skin treated with laser, by choosing the radiation parameters individually for each client.

The rays penetrating to a depth of 1-2 mm, destroy dead keratinized cells, stimulating natural renewal of tissues. Thermal effect on the skin responds by increasing the production of collagen and elastin, it becomes more elastic and dense. The effect is apparent after just one treatment, but beauticians recommend a course of 3-5 sessions.

Apply ablative or ablative laser. The first is indicated for the treatment of small areas of the skin if there are some minor flaws, the second — for complete rejuvenation.

Fractional rejuvenation, or the nano-perforation with a laser

An improved version of the previous procedure. The skin in this case is experiencing a strong thermal effect. Very important highly qualified technician, otherwise serious burns. "Aggressive" procedure strongly activates metabolism, normalizes the circulation of blood and lymph, and starts the process of rejuvenating tissues at the cellular level. You can not carry more than one procedure a month a full course of 5-7 sessions.

The effect is achieved due to the activation of internal reserves of the body. The skin becomes noticeably smoother, it returns the tightness and clarity of the oval. Lost pigment spots, vascular asterisks, smoothed uneven terrain.

RF-lifting (radio frequency)

The procedure involves exposure of the skin of the radio frequencies. Penetrating into the epidermis, the radiation heats tissue up to 42–43ºWith. When it stopped, the fibers collagen and elastin are drastically reduced, while pulling the skin.

The ability to adjust the frequency of the radiation allows to accurately calculate the depth of impact. In the end, the skin becomes more healthy looking, no sagging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation disappears.


An improved RF-lifting. To Express the effect of a single session instead of a course of 6-10 procedures.

In the processing apparatus of the tissue at a depth of 4-5 mm are heated to a temperature of about 65 degrees. This will dramatically boost the flow of blood and lymph circulation, tissue nutrition, metabolism, and regeneration. Restores natural collagen "skeleton", the skin gains smoothness, firmness and elasticity, facial contours — clarity, fat cells are destroyed, fade wrinkles on the cheeks, eyelids, neck.

Injections of hyaluronic acid

The most popular substance used for rejuvenation. Synthetic hyaluronic acid is no different from what the body produces on their own, with one exception. Its molecules are arranged in long chains or even a complex three-dimensional structure. Thus slowing the rate of decay of the substance.

Popular procedures:

  • Mesotherapy. Injections customized "cocktail" of where to hyaluronic acid of low concentrations of added amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, plant extracts, organic acids. The effect is cumulative. The result lasts for 2-3 months.
  • Biorevitalization. Injection of pure, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. The effect is manifested immediately, one procedure is enough.
  • Bioreparation. Hyaluronic acid of high concentration in the injection solution enriched in other biologically active substances (vitamins and minerals).

After any injections of hyaluronic acid the skin is visibly smoothed, eliminates sagging and excessive dryness. Matter "attracts" water molecules, keeping the moisture level of the tissue is vital for normal metabolism, production of collagen and elastin. Injections are useful for the prevention or suppression of early negative changes, when expressed problems won't work.


The procedure allows to correct defects of the face — the space between sagging skin and expletis layer of subcutaneous fat is filled with a special substance that "pulls" it to the muscles. Implants are:

  • Permanent. Silicone, polyacrylamide.
  • Semi permanently. Combine synthetic and natural ingredients, biodegradable. Is calcium hydroxyapatite, polycaprolactone, poly-L-lactic acid.
  • Biocompatible. Viscous thick gel based on hyaluronic acid.

Now beauticians do not recommend permanent implants because of the many side effects. More modern drugs help to restore the clarity of the oval face, smooth even the deepest wrinkles and folds. At the same time can be slightly adjusted features — deficit to lift cheekbones, to return the volume and clarity of the circuit expletis lips. The procedure stimulates the production of collagen, activates internal potential of skin.


Filler gel injections, used as a filler in the presence of a slight deficit of tissue. It helps to smooth out wrinkles, restore volume to the lips, shape — sunken cheeks and cheekbones.

The basis of the preparation:

  • The collagen of human or animal origin. Now almost never used due to the high probability of allergic reactions.
  • Sordidum fully biocompatible substance.
  • Own fat client, in a special way purified. The risk of Allergy in this case is excluded.

Bioreinforcement (thread lifting)

Is a real alternative to plastic surgery, gives comparable results. Implanted under the skin a special gel filament. They are completely biodegradable, the basis of the substance — hyaluronic acid or polycaprolactone. Threads are often not smooth — textured, coiled, with "nodules", "Burr". This allows them to engage firmly in the tissues and to avoid bias.

face bioreinforcement

Using threads, the face oval is tightened to the desired state. They remain under the skin, forming its supporting frame. He "acquires" natural collagen fibres that provides the desired effect when the filaments are already fully resolved.


Skin tiny polished aluminum, diamond or corundum dust. To remove dead keratinized cells, returns a healthy complexion, evens out terrain, noticeably lightened hyperpigmentation, smooth out wrinkles, narrowing the pores. You can even smooth out scars and acne marks.

Skin looks healthy and refreshed, becomes smooth and velvety to the touch. Also, the procedure activates the flow of blood and lymph.


Device that emits light pulses of a specified frequency and intensity has a complex effect:

  • lightens dark spots by destroying melanin in those cells where it is contained in excessive volume;
  • nourishes the skin with oxygen, improves complexion;
  • destroys pathogens, toxins (lost inflammation, redness);
  • struggling with rosacea and enlarged pores.

The procedure is very effective to combat hyperpigmentation and prevention of the first signs of aging. At the same time it gives a pronounced lifting effect. It all depends on the radiation parameters.


On the skin both affect the electrical and light pulses. Their combination improves the conductivity of the tissues. Heats the deep layers of the skin increases the natural production of collagen and elastin. The process of rejuvenation comes from the inside, the result will not be instantaneous. To evaluate it in a couple of months after the session. For maximum effect we recommend a course of 4-6 treatments and an interval of 3-5 weeks.

Ozone therapy

Ozone — catalyst dramatically intensify the process of metabolism. He is destructive to pathogenic microorganisms. With the introduction of rich oxygen-nitrogen mixtures under high pressure or by injection, the old cells die, the young get enhanced nutrition due to the activation of blood flow and lymph, normalizes the lipid balance.

The treatment restores the skin elasticity, tones it tightens the face oval, smoothes out facial wrinkles. Normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, lost the feeling of tightness, dryness, stains, smooth out scars.

plazmolifting face


A relatively new method of rejuvenation. Client before the procedure delivers just a small amount of blood (50-60 ml), which is a special way to clean. The remaining platelet rich plasma, is introduced through injection is the most problematic area. This is a very powerful means of stimulating the processes of regeneration and cell division. The body rapidly begins to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

For maximum effect you will need 4-6 treatments at intervals of 3-6 weeks. PRP provides a comprehensive result, is struggling with all of the most obvious signs of aging.

Botox or Dysport

Two most popular drug on the basis of botulinum toxin A. in fact, this is a very strong nerve poison, but when introduced into a microscopic size by means of injection in the most deep wrinkles locally "paralyzes" your muscles. As a result, they no longer shrink when you mimic activity, gradually relax the wrinkles. Most often injections are recommended when the presence of deep wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, pronounced nasolabial creases.

Contraindications, possible negative consequences

Using first home or you are buying cosmetics, be sure to conduct an Allergy test is the only obstacle to its application. A similar reaction can cause both flavors, preservatives and dyes, and natural ingredients.

Contraindications to salon procedures identified during the preliminary consultations. The list is quite long:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver;
  • autoimmune diseases, blood disorders (including low clotting);
  • problems with the endocrine system;
  • taking antibiotics or blood thinners;
  • any infection in the body (even the common cold);
  • unfinished period of rehabilitation after different cosmetic procedures;
  • any damage to the skin on the face, dermatologic diseases;
  • Oncology, the presence of large moles, warts obscure nature;
  • neurological and psychiatric diseases accompanied by convulsions.

Contraindications for plastic surgery even more. The decision in each case is taken by the surgeon, taking into account all relevant factors.

If the procedure caused the complications, the blame for this can be as a beautician who fails to comply with both the technology and the client who ignored his recommendations regarding the rehabilitation period. The most common is the infection and subsequent inflammation, suppuration.

Complications of poorly performed cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery can be very different, up to serious health problems