Rejuvenating serum for the face: efficiency and tips for use

Rejuvenating serum is a special cosmetic product for skin care, which recently has become very popular. The principles of its operation, and the best facilities of this type you will learn from this article.

rejuvenating serum for the face

The principle of operation and efficiency

Every day the expectations of the consumer in relation to a cosmetic product are becoming higher. Just a couple of years ago, the cream was only necessary in order to moisturize dried epidermis. Now cosmetics skin care solve a lot of problems. The producers promise that the composition of any anti-aging cream or serum can not only improve the appearance of skin and slow down the aging process. It is worth noting that over the past decade, indeed, there have been many successful studies that allow us to produce high quality anti-aging products.

Concentrated product, which is aimed at addressing any cosmetic problems, called serum. Typically, such a tool has a large number of components, but allows for a relatively short period of time to solve a specific task. For example, the tool can smooth out wrinkles, make tighter the epidermis, tighten the oval of the face, hydrate skin or to even out skin tone.

The effectiveness of anti-aging serum, compared to the same cream due to the enhanced concentration required to achieve a certain effect ingredients. Differ and the impact of technology on the skin, and the method of penetration of the components into the layers of the epidermis. Creams are products more multi-purpose. Their manufacturers are trying to please the greatest number of consumers. While the serum is aimed at solving specific problems.

Scientists have proved that aging is not the only factor in the appearance of wrinkles. The fact that the epidermis layer begins to evolve under the action of ultraviolet light and dirty environment. These two factors significantly affect the production of collagen, resulting in skin becomes less elastic. Anti-aging serum for the face, which is a kind of correction against deep wrinkles, is created taking into account all these nuances.

Serum can also be used as the amplifier works cream.

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Rating of best serums

The range labeled Anti-Age, what does "anti-aging", capable of hitting any even the most demanding consumer with its diversity. Many cosmetic brands are easy to get confused. However, as in any other field, among the rejuvenating products are the options, confidently occupying leading positions. Consider some of them.

  • Lifting essence with iris and lavender from the French brand managed to catch the fancy of many women. Apart from the incredibly pleasant aroma, this cosmetic product has the ability to reduce the formation of new facial wrinkles, to correct facial contours and to penetrate all layers of the skin. Essence helps to start the process of developing of the collagen fibers, the number of which is in the process of growing is significantly reduced. In this regard, the epidermis becomes firmer, toned and smooth. It should be noted that in the composition there is no place of parabens and silicones, as the French brand is known for its categorical relationship to low quality components. This cosmetic product does not clog the pores, does not form black spots and does not provoke appearance of acne. Its application is effective after thirty years, in the period when epidermis becomes more dry, and therefore requires extra hydration from the outside.
  • Whey product with peptides from the first wrinkles is instantly hydrating serum is able to correct facial wrinkles, smooth out the surface of the skin and improve its tone. This product is ideal for daily facial care. It helps to eliminate age-related changes of the epidermis, make it less dry and sensitive, tighten the oval of the face. After a few days you will notice the smoothness, hydration and holoserica. Modest at first glance, the composition can cause significant positive external changes. Thanks to calcium, amino acids, probiotic, peptides, magnesium and vitamins A and E, you will look much younger than their years.
  • The next product is more known, as it was part of a huge advertising company with guest super models (Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford). It is worth noting that despite their age, these women look amazing. Thanks to the pleasant fragrance and a high permeability even in the deepest layers of the epidermis this cosmetic product helps to reduce wrinkles and correct skin deflectens. Components in the composition, makes the epidermis elastic, fit and conducive to stimulate natural production of collagen. The presence of hyaluronic acid smoothes wrinkles, visually making the skin more youthful and fresh. Also strengthens the collagen frame and aktiviziruyutsya production of such substances as elastin. This cosmetic product is extremely effective after thirty-five years. Since essence has a regenerative property, perhaps a slight lightening of age spots.

Features choice

Despite a wide range of anti-aging cosmetic products, the selection of the necessary tools should not cause any difficulties. First of all, define for yourself what challenges should handle the cosmetic product. It can be a rejuvenation, toning, whitening face, moisturizing, or smoothing of wrinkles. In the modern market of cosmetic products, you can easily find the necessary means. A nice bonus is the fact that most anti-aging tools perfectly combined with each other, especially if they were made by a single company.

how to choose a serum

The choice of essences should not be limited solely to the type of skin. An important factor is also the external defects. If you ignore them, you wrong to choose the remedy, which, by the way, can be quite a quality product, but it does not have a positive effect on the skin.

Do not be lazy to get acquainted with the composition and instructions specified on the package, as this information is very useful for you. Thanks to it you will be able to facilitate the process of selection of anti-aging agents. For example, a light rejuvenating emulsion is best left to the warm summer period, while tight oil serum is perfect for winter when skin is especially in need of additional nutrition and hydration.

Rules for the use of

The effectiveness of rejuvenating serum for the face largely depends on its proper use. To achieve a visible result with one purchase of anti-aging products do not work. All age changes occurring in the body are perfectly natural, and to confront the very nature extremely difficult. In other words, if you want people to admire your youth, you will need not only the financial cost of purchasing special anti-aging products, but also discipline and patience. The procedure for rejuvenation is best done alone, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment. Before you first applied to the skin cosmetic serum or concentrate, be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations for use.

The main point in the statement is specified by the manufacturer the period in which it is better to apply anti-aging cosmetic product (morning, afternoon or evening). The fact is that during the day the skin goes through several stages, each of which has its own characteristics. Depending on the intended result, the structure of each anti-aging product must include certain components, able to exert a beneficial effect, for example, at the stage of regeneration of the skin. At this stage, the old cells die and they are replaced by new ones. Outwardly it is expressed in a smoother complexion and smoothness of the skin.

Rejuvenating essence or serum is applied exclusively on clean face, pre-cleaned of makeup and sebum (skin oil). An important condition is correctly chosen product for cleaning (washing) face. Care cosmetics must match your skin type. Wrong remedy can dry up the sensitive and dry skin or cause rashes on the face, inclinatur to fat. In the first case it is better to give preference to gentle pellibus that remove makeup residues from the surface of the skin. For oily type of epidermis you need to find a tool that allows you to deeply clean pores and gently dry your skin.

After a thorough cleansing, you can begin applying liquid rejuvenating essences. This is done with light tapping motions. In no case do not RUB and do not smear the cosmetic product on the skin surface. Palm needs to only lightly touch the face. Anti-aging serum is permissible to use both as a standalone product and in combination with other anti-aging remedies (tonics, creams, masks).

reviews of products


Based on the impressive number of consumers leave feedback, it can be noted that over the past few years anti-aging serums have become extremely popular. Many women made applying the serum to their daily ritual that allows them to keep youth and freshness of the face. Oddly enough, but the negative responses regarding the use of anti-aging serums quite a bit. This once again suggests the idea that these cosmetics really effective.

A girl who has reached twenty-five years, is already beginning to enter in your daily skin care that contain collagen. According to them, at this age there is already a noticeable appearance of the first mimic wrinkles, anti-aging serum is able to smooth them and to slow down the process of formation of deeper wrinkles.

Due to the fact that in the field of cosmetology today offers a large number of different makes and brands, women have the opportunity to choose a product in any price segment. According to the reviews, a budget cosmetics for rejuvenation practically does not concede to more expensive luxury products. Their compositions and effects on the epidermis are nearly identical.