Japanese rejuvenating face massage

Any woman after a certain age wanted to be a magician to learn how to stop time and look like in thirty, forty, fifty years as well as in twenty. In pursuit of this, many people go on all sorts of beauty treatments is not always safe and effective. And sometimes it comes even before plastic surgery. Not to bring yourself to this state, we invite You to take advantage of the unique Japanese technique of facial massage that will help You look younger at least 10 years.

Japanese rejuvenating face massage

The facial massage according to the method Akoka Tanaka

So, what is this Japanese massage? How do they help?

This method is also called the massage of Asahi (translated means "morning sun"). He demonstrates the ancient technique, which gained fame thanks to the stylist and the beautician Akoka Tanaka.

Already after the second procedure You will feel much younger skin. This technique is self-massage and done in 10 minutes. It can help to adjust the line of the face, tighten double chin, if any, to bring beautiful cheekbones.

Contraindications for use of this massage include only: illness of the lymphatic system, ENT-organs, or General poor health.

A set of exercises Japanese facial massage

For this procedure we need the oil. It might be wheatgerm oil, apricot, almond or any other. Apply it on the palm of your hand in a small amount, spread, and then evenly distributed in the face. Now you can begin to massage.

1. We start with the accelerate lymph. To do this, put your hands at your temples and down are very pressing, along the neck to the collarbone. (All exercises must be repeated 3 times. If any area is problematic for You, or do You think that she needs to pay more attention to exercise can be repeated 4-5 times. Three times is the prevention and 4-5 – modeling the shape of the face.)

2 task. Lymph we already broke up. Now go to your forehead. Put hands in the middle and pressing down on him, unfolding his hands to his temples again, lead down the lymph, as in the first exercise.

3.The third task we have for eyes. Remember that around them is very delicate skin. Therefore, if on his forehead we can afford to press very hard, near eye amount of pressure needs to be three times less. First you need to hold their hands under the eyes from outer corner to inner, and then gently hold above the eyebrows in a circular motion (on this site it is possible to pressure much more). Coming down again we go under eyes from outer corner to the inner. When he reached the bridge of the nose, send the hands in the opposite direction. On the outer corners do press a little stretching them to the sides. In this position you need to stay just a couple of seconds. After this movement sent his hands to his temples again and down along the neck via the lymph to the collarbone.

4 the job. Now put the hands on the chin and do the movement up, running his palms around his lips. Finish the movement, bringing the hands to the base of the nose. When you repeat this exercise a third time from the base of the nose make movement along the cheeks to the temple, and then lead down along the neck to the collarbone.

5 the job. The following set of initial hand position at the base of the nose. Make circular pressing first on the tip of the nose and then slowly move up, actively massaging the nose moving up and down. At the end of the exercise do the actions with your hands from the nose to the temples, then hold hands down to the collarbone lymph.

scheme massage

6 the job. The subsequent job starts with initial position at the base of the nose, with the fingers located not vertically, but horizontally. Hands are moving in the direction from ear to ear. Then the arms are deployed 90 degrees, and then lead down along the neck. Clicking do as much as possible.

7 the job. Hands put on your chin. Fingers are along the mouth, then climb up, reaching the bridge of the nose. Then hands are moving in a side to my temples and down by swiping along the neck, as in the first exercise.

8 the job. Now put one hand on his chin. The second lead diagonally from the cheekbones, up along my cheeks. When he reached the nose, making a motion with his hand in the opposite direction to his temple, then lowered them down to the collarbone. Presses with love. Remember that we do it for the beauty and smartness of his face. The same exercise is done three times and on the other side.

9 the job. In the next task you must connect the two palms so that they touch their bases and pads of the palm. The arms are connected in the shape of the thicket. Offer them to the base of the nose, swiping the back on the cheeks to the side to side, then dropping down to the collarbone. Do the exercises slowly, with the force pushing hands to the face. Do we feel our muscles begin to warm up.

10 the job. Again, the pads at the base of the back of the palms put on both sides of the corners of the lips. With the power we hold hands on the cheeks to the temples, and then directed the movement of his hands down along the neck.

11 task. This time the pads put her hands under his chin, lead hand along the chin up to the base of the ear, while the thumb goes behind the earlobe. Then drop the hand down, holding it along the neck. Finish the movement on the collarbones. We do the same with the other side.

12 the job. Folding hand house, while the thumbs look down and all others up. Have hands so that your thumbs under the chin, and the rest over the nose. Now disclose our face, making a motion with his hands to the sides towards the temples, and then are hands down along the neck.

13 mission. The final exercise against wrinkles on a forehead part of the face. Then make a vertical motion with your fingers on the forehead. Then put the hands in the middle and move sideways, from mid-forehead to the temples. After that are hands down along the neck.

Japanese rejuvenating massage effect

The massage is over. Now you can look at yourself in the mirror, to rejoice and to say:

"Honey, you look the best! I love you!"

And in this You have no mendacium. In fact, all it is. You are the best! Remember that!