Face rejuvenation after 50 years without surgery

Facial wrinkles, saggy skin and faded look! Do not worry, you can still fix it. Face rejuvenation after 50 years without surgery — it's real. What methods can I use? Is it possible to tighten the skin, to give it a second wind, make it elastic? Analyzing a quote by the great Coco Chanel: "a Person of twenty years given to you by nature, how it will be in fifty, depends on you," you have to understand that there comes a time irreversible changes. At this age a lot depends on the woman.

facial rejuvenation without surgery

Rejuvenating activities for face without surgery

The period after 50 (plus/minus a few years) is a time of hormonal modifications that occur due to menopause. During the menopause slows down the production of hormone (estrogen) that has a significant impact on the skin. It becomes flabby and wrinkled.

To prevent such consequences possible.

Thanks to these techniques, a woman after fifty is always to look attractive and stunning.

  1. Laser surgery (resurfacing). The reception, which should have no negative effects and is without pain. The procedure gives excellent results: accelerates cellular metabolism, smoothes the surface, making it supple and elastic. And eliminates deep wrinkles.
  2. Peeling chemicals — removal of the old Horny layer of the epidermis. New born, young cover, increases muscle tone. Such a procedure improves the synthesis of collagen and evens the complexion.
  3. Facelifting is a short — term use of flashes on the surface of the epidermis. The method regulates metabolism and normalizes the production, the synthesis of collagen fibers.
  4. Beauty injections. Apply on problem areas of the skin. One caveat: this activity should be repeated to support the result.
  5. Face mesotherapy — introduction under the skin vitamin complexes and minerals. Method eliminates clutter on the face and prevents many defects such as wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, problems with blood vessels, and pigmentation. The quality of the session provided for individual selection of drugs.
  6. The alignment of the face thread. The effect of this procedure is maintained a couple of years. Sagging and laxity of the skin surface is not a problem.
  7. The ozone equipment for the face is the saturation of the cells with acid. With the introduction of the mixture of ozone and oxygen the old cells die and new aktiviziruyutsya. The technique has a positive effect on the metabolism and the regeneration of new cells.
  8. Thermage — effect on the surface of the skin with high degrees of radiation. This gives the possibility of continuing the production of collagen. The skin is rejuvenated and restored faster. The method has no contraindications.

All these methods require a considerable amount of money.

face lift at home

Methods facelift at home

To realize facelift without surgery after age 50 and at home. Many ladies say that this is a very effective and convenient. Sometimes the effect of such procedures exceeds expectations. The proposed methods do not require large financial costs.

  1. Massage.
  2. Physiotherapy. Example: moving the lower jaw back there.
  3. Mask for the face. Most popular recipes:
  • The potato mixture. Vegetable boil, mash with a fork, add 2 tablespoons of milk and one egg yolk. Stir and gently apply to the face. After a time, rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer.
  • You can use fresh cucumber. Skins need to clean the face.
  • The leaves of fresh aloe also show its effect. Just before use, elements should be kept in the refrigerator to activate all required processes. The leaves have to kill blender and the resulting mass add a tablespoon of honey and a regular nourishing cream. This mixture applied for 20 minutes 3 times a week.
  • Mask with chamomile extract not only rejuvenate the skin but also soothe inflamed areas. To craft it you need a spoonful of butter rubbed with yolk. Add a stack of infusion of chamomile, a small spoon of honey and glycerin.
  • Firming mask with these ingredients: 20 grams yeast, 10 grams of henna, 5 ml of almond oil (can substitute olive), a couple drops of lemon extract. Preparation: yeast powder, pour some water, add the henna and then essential oil. A lot of you need to apply from chin to forehead with an upward motion. Wash off after 30 minutes. The result is just amazing! The mask attenuates the aging process makes the skin elastic and velvety.
  • The mixture of curd and avocado oil. A natural remedy will award the skin a lot of nutrients and lenis unnecessary wrinkles.

Those who trust only medicine beauticians suggest other options.

Beauty shots for the face after 50 years

The injection of youth is an effective way to combat age-related changes on the face. Today, the beauty shots are the most successful and common method of anti-aging. These include such procedures:

injections for facial rejuvenation
  1. The botulinum toxin. Paralytic poison, which causes the sleep (lock) the nervous extremities. It makes the muscles do not function. On the basis of the substance drugs have been created that its action smooth out most wrinkles. Injections are performed with a thin needle.
  2. The hyaluronic acid. This substance is a natural component of the dermis, which controls the water balance in the cells. With age the production of this element slows down. This leads to a significant changes that are very noticeable on the face: appear unwanted wrinkles, changing the topography of the dermis. The effect of such treatments are immediately noticeable. Many women just loved it.
  3. Sunt acid. It is an artificial substance that stimulates the appearance of collagen. Beauticians the world have proved that this drug increases the amount of collagen by almost a third. And this for a short period of time! This drug is accompanied by the development of necessary fibers. The action of the drug is more than 2 years.

Age over 50 is an insidious thing. Adhering to these rules and recommendations may look attractive at any period of life.

In addition, it is necessary to conduct a correct and healthy life is to stick with a balanced diet and monitor water balance in the body. You need to eradicate harmful habits.

The use of vitamins and useful minerals also welcome. Be sure to take minimal care of the skin.