Laser rejuvenation of face skin — "FOR" and "AGAINST"

Laser skin rejuvenation is a panacea for many ills! So say eminent beauticians, claiming that laser treatments wrinkles disappear, the face oval is tightened, the skin will become even and smooth. All these miracles we tempt various methods of laser resurfacing.

laser facial skin rejuvenation

Laser facial skin rejuvenation — how to make the right choice?

Have you ever as a child trying to light a fire with the glass like in the books? This is a primitive example of the operation of the laser. The idea of "amplify light by stimulating emission" is the English-translated acronym for Laser — came from albert Einstein in 1917.

The first device appeared 43 years later, and in the late 90s lasers have been used in cosmetics. Today it is one of the most effective ways of rejuvenation.

Lasers have a huge advantage over other methods. Laser beams accurate affect certain target cells:

  • if the target melanin, they erase age spots
  • if the hemoglobin — sealed dilated vessels
  • and if the water rejuvenate the skin

There are four main methods of skin rejuvenation using laser. They all have advantages and disadvantages.

1. Laser rejuvenation of face skin — just add water

As in laser rejuvenation of face the "target" becomes water, the skin should not be dehydrated. A few days before the laser treatment to moisturize the skin, it is useful to carry out the procedure biorevitalization. A week after the procedure to speed up recovery — the introduction of own platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

2. Solid laser skin resurfacing

This is the old way of using lasers for rejuvenation. The laser beams are removed, "evaporated" old skin cells all over its surface, and as a result of growing a young and fresh skin. If before laser resurfacing was performed using CO2 lasers, it is now used more soft lasers. But still the procedure of laser skin rejuvenation of the face is quite aggressive, is in hospital and under General anesthesia.

the effect of laser resurfacing

3. Distinct aesthetic effect

Laser facial skin rejuvenation is considered to be a radical means of fighting wrinkles.

BUT (!!!) Perhaps the appearance of scars and irregularities. Sometimes between treated and untreated areas formed the line of demarcation. Painful and long healing. The recovery period is a month or more.

To achieve the effect required one procedure!

4. Laser liposuction

Classic liposuction ("second chin", "flews") are combined with laser exposure. After liquefying fat with a laser and remove it using a thin cannula over the tissue processed by laser from the inside. Under its thermal effects, the skin is tightened, becomes elastic. The procedure is considered an alternative to surgical intervention: allows you to tighten the face oval, to raise "fallen" cheeks, etc.


  • good contraction of the skin
  • the lack of irregularities: thinning of adipose tissue laser allows you to evenly remove fat
  • due to the ability of laser to seal damaged blood vessels were more likely to have hematomas and bruises


  • the need to wear a compression bandage
  • a long recovery — two weeks

To achieve the effect you need one treatment!

Laser liposuction is a great method of correction of incipient age-related changes of the skin. Under the force of gravity adipose tissue and the skin by themselves move down. Removing fat from these areas with simultaneous skin treatment laser — an alternative to plastic surgery. Out double chin, lose weight in cheeks, the oval of the face becomes clearer. As a result of thermal treatment improves the function of the lymphatic system, fade bags under the eyes.

Fractional laser skin rejuvenation

The advent of fractional lasers has opened a new page in the rejuvenation of the skin. They have minimized side effects and significantly accelerated the recovery after the procedure. Beam fractional laser passes through a special lens, which divide the light flux into many rays. As a result, the damaged skin is not a continuous layer, as in older lasers, and factions, they are called micro-dermal therapeutic zones (MLZ).

Because the skin cells of an adjacent parcel are intact, they immediately involved in the work, began to share, starting the process of regeneration.

Fractional laser facial skin rejuvenation is divided into two types: with skin resurfacing without the skin resurfacing.

Today lasers are recognized as one of the most effective methods of rejuvenation

the result of laser resurfacing
  • forehead wrinkles laser rejuvenation for carbon dioxide CO2 laser with skin resurfacing
  • loss of skin tone: 35-45 years — laser resurfacing with no resurfacing of the skin; after 46 years — laser rejuvenation with skin resurfacing
  • changing the oval face, the formation of double chin laser liposuction
  • the overhang of the upper eyelid — rejuvenation laser on the carbon dioxide CO2 laser with skin resurfacing
  • wrinkles around the eyes and in the area of the lower eyelid laser rejuvenation for mild or carbon dioxide CO2 laser with skin resurfacing
  • in severe wrinkles, excess skin after cosmetic treatments — continuous laser skin resurfacing
  • 30% of women after the age of 25 at least once resorted to the decision of cosmetic problems with the help of laser technology

Laser rejuvenation with skin resurfacing

Laser beams work on the skin surface and in deep layers. Point evaporation micro sections of the epidermis leads to superficial tightening of the skin. And the creation of micro treatment zones within the skin — to lift and strengthen collagen and elastin. For laser skin resurfacing without the use of soft lasers on the grenade and carbon dioxide CO2 lasers:

  • the first are softer
  • the second is more effective


  • through the superficial skin retraction achieved a good lifting effect
  • when grinding the skin fade scars after acne


  • because of damage to the skin increases the risk of infection
  • quite a long rehabilitation period is 5 days and more

To achieve the effect required 2-3 treatments

Laser skin rejuvenation of the face without grinding

Laser beams do not damage the epidermis, pass through it, point by heating the collagen deep in the skin, causing it to lift and seal. At laser rejuvenation without resurfacing uses an erbium laser at the glass.


  • minimum rehabilitation period. Swelling and redness persist for 2-3 days
  • the preservation of the integrity of the epidermis negates the possibility of infection and inflammation


laser facial rejuvenation
  • no overall sanding of the skin is impossible to get rid of irregularities, acne scars, enlarged pores
  • pain
  • the skin is tightened by means of tightening and reduction of collagen fibers
  • quite modest visible lifting effect (because the surface of the skin during the procedure is not reduced)

Important! To achieve the effect required 6-8 treatments!

Although ablative CO2 lasers are more aggressive than other types of lasers, they provide the most expressed effect of lifting and skin rejuvenation. The opportunity to work along the lines of tension of the skin allows to achieve a good lifting effect even in patients after 55 years. Today therefore carry out the tightening upper and lower eyelids.