Skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation – the procedure of correction of age changes. In just a few treatments you can effectively and quickly to smooth out wrinkles, restore facial contours, or to adjust to the changed shape of the eyes.

skin rejuvenation

Varieties of skin rejuvenation

In modern medicine there are several methods of skin rejuvenation. Let us consider only some of them.

Non-surgical rejuvenation

In non-surgical rejuvenation includes a set of cosmetic procedures: mesotherapy, biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid, Botox and peels, lifting masks.

Mesotherapy improve metabolic processes and circulation in the deep layers of the skin, which significantly increases its tone and elasticity. After the first treatment of mesotherapy, wrinkles are smoothed and facial contours improved. Having undergone such rejuvenation, you will forget about all the aesthetic issues.

Botox - reduces wrinkles. By sedating nerve endings to the facial muscles, the skin is smoothed. Botox strengthens facial contours, smoothes wrinkles and improves skin color.

Lifting mask increases skin tonus and facial massage, performed by experienced aesthetician, will help to smooth out wrinkles.

Biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid is a modern and effective way of changing the contour of the face. With this safe and simple procedure disappears laxity and improves skin tone. The medications used for the procedure, there is hyaluronic acid that nourishes layers of the skin with moisture, whereby the smoothing of nasolabial folds and wrinkles.

Peels - skin rejuvenation procedure of the face, which removed the small wrinkles and irregularities. A course of peels is prevention of skin ageing and correction of age-related changes. It is a great preventative tool to combat fine wrinkles.

It should be noted that treatments are non-surgical rejuvenation leave no "footprints" and a little traumatic. The safety of such procedures is provided by the use of modern techniques that attempt to act on problem areas.


Rejuvenation is the procedure of correction of age - related changes that trigger regeneration of the skin, returns elasticity and reduces wrinkles. In this method of rejuvenating connect internal reserves of the body.

methods of rejuvenation

The essence of this procedure lies in the fact that the light which is generated by pulse source is absorbed by multiple targets in the skin and converted to heat. Such target could be the melanin, oxy hemoglobin and water.

When light is absorbed by pigmentation of the skin cells that contain melanin, that is age spots. With rosacea, the light energy is absorbed by the oxy hemoglobin, which is problematic vascular formations. Energy affects the target in the skin, "destroying the" troubled cells, destroying old collagen and triggering the synthesis of new collagen. The result is a restoration of physiological processes in the skin, which allows her to rejuvenate, to get rid of the capillary mesh, fine lines, epidermal hyperpigmentation, improve complexion and narrow pores. Occurs superficial facelift that eliminates the need for plastic surgery.

Before the procedure it is recommended to test the skin for the selection of optimal parameters of radiation and determining individual sensitivity to light. As a rule, the evaluation of the test sites on the skin I-III types is carried out in 20-30 minutes, type III and above – only through the day. The photorejuvenation procedure is painless, because in this case, anesthesia is not needed, you will feel only a slight tingling sensation. After the procedure, will remain slight redness which will go away within hours. During the procedure, spider veins diminish and change color and age spots darken.

The full course of the procedure consists of 5-7 procedures (depending on the condition of your skin) with an interval between treatments of 3-4 weeks. The result will be noticeable after the third session.

Fractional laser skin rejuvenation

Fractional laser resurfacing is an innovative laser technology for skin rejuvenation. The main difference of this technology from conventional skin resurfacing is less traumatic to the skin, which significantly reduces the rehabilitation period after the procedure, reducing the frequency of adverse reactions. During this procedure there is point damage skin areas (diameter of the plot is 200 microns.) with the emergence of micro-thermal zones of controlled depth and width, surrounded by unspoilt "Islands" of viable dermis and epidermis. Due to such "Islands" is recovered, the entire surface of the skin, the rehabilitation period is reduced to 4-6 days. This kind of damage to the skin promotes active synthesis of new elastin, collagen and other skin cells. Occurs smoothing of small and medium wrinkles, skin texture becomes smoother, fade pigmentation spots, improves the structure of scars.

If you compare with laser skin resurfacing, which removes the entire layer of skin, fractional laser rejuvenation of skin damaged by only 20%. Thanks to this gentle effect of fractional rejuvenation is painless for the patient, there is a rapid recovery of the skin. After this procedure, the cells continue to divide several more months, which is manifested by strengthening effect. The systematic skin care face rejuvenating effect may persist for several years.


the procedure of rejuvenation
  1. Age-related changes ;
  2. Uneven complexion;
  3. Pores;
  4. Spider veins, enlarged pores, freckles, dark spots;
  5. Photoaging.

Usually, the procedure of rejuvenating start after 26 years, when age changes are not very noticeable. It is always better to prevent wrinkles than to eliminate deep. The procedure can be carried out at an early age, if you have wrinkles.


The skin rejuvenation procedure is contraindicated if: you are pregnant you have skin diseases, blood diseases associated with impaired coagulation, benign tumors, cancer, or acute inflammatory processes in the body.

Combination with other therapies

The contouring procedure is combined with another procedure called Thermage.. Thermage is a unique treatment that provides a deep lifting of the skin in 3 projections, that is, not only smoothes the skin surface, but also contributes to a more dense connection of the skin to the muscles.