Anti — aging Facials- TOP 6 recipes!

Anti-aging masks are the Foundation of special care, adding a daily "ration" in the form of cleansing, toning, nutrition and moisture. They can serve as an additional source of vitamins, as well as solve the problems of aging. Aging is easier to prevent than to fix. Therefore, timely rejuvenating complex domestic procedures necessary for all young girls and women.

anti-aging mask

Types of masks

The variety of achievements of beauty industry can be divided as follows:

  1. Masks, cooked at home.
  2. Mask industrial production.

Factory products are good convenient packaging, pleasant fragrances, exclusive ingredients and a long shelf life. Homemade anti-aging agents are characterized by a natural composition of the known components and a very affordable cost.

Store-bought masks manufacturers like to divide by age: 20+; 25+ and so on. Home remedies do not contain components that could not be applied in a particular age, therefore, a more appropriate gradation by skin types:

  • dry;
  • combined;
  • sensitive;
  • bold;
  • normal.

Among the prevalent skin dry and sensitive. If one type is difficult to determine, you can apply a special technique of simultaneous application of several masks designed to solve different problems.

General principles of working with masks

The result met expectations, you need to adhere to several standard recommendations:

  1. Components should be usable, fresh, not expired.
  2. Mix the ingredients need to dry clean non-metallic bowl wooden or plastic spatula.
  3. Some of the mask in contact with the washed away hair difficult, so it is better to collect hair in a bun and protect them with a shower cap, a bandage or cling film.
  4. The surface should be ready for anti-aging treatments: cleansing, dirt.
  5. The appearance of discomfort or adverse reactions, mask should be rinsed off immediately.
  6. After rejuvenating treatments, the effect should be fixed by the cream.
  7. Rejuvenating facial masks at home to do courses of 6-10 treatments to achieve the greatest effect.

Homemade recipes tested by time, but still remain poorly understood. So you have to have patience, to try a few recipes and find your anti-aging team!

recipes masks

Recipes rejuvenating facial masks

Anti-aging Facials consist of the basics, vitamin additives, and binding elements. The structure is allowed to change at its discretion, based on the characteristics of the organism.

Cleansing mask with clay and oatmeal

Horny layer cells significantly reduces the effect of any anti-aging complex. Home cleansing can also be rejuvenating in nature.

Cleaning your face with oatmeal allows to achieve a good exfoliation. Cooked means carefully cleanse, remove fine wrinkles, gives a matte finish and create the conditions for penetration following a rejuvenating mixture.

Preparation and application: 2 tablespoons of oatmeal should be ground to a finer fraction, mixed with water, herbal infusion or yogurt until creamy and apply for 20 minutes. Then walk with fingertips, massaging gently and rinse composition.

Similar action has clay. It effectively removes residues of sebum, dust and dirt, gently grind and make the skin surface smoother.

Preparation and application: 2 tablespoons of clay need to connect with a warm herbal decoction, apply to dry and rinse with water. It is not necessary to prevent complete curing. To extend the effect into the mix can add 0.5 tsp. of glycerin. It will also have a rejuvenating and softening effect.

Recipes used separately for cleansing, and in combination with other anti-aging masks for a more pronounced result.

Gelatin anti-aging mask for the face

Gelatin to rejuvenate interesting by the presence of collagen, an important building element. A factory means of luxury contain this protein. It is able to eliminate facial wrinkles, nourish the superficial layers of the missing elements, and even slightly adjust the shape of the face.

Preparation and application:

To prepare gelatin-based, you must perform several steps:

  1. 1 tsp of powder sugar and 50 ml water and give to swell.
  2. Heat (do not boil!) gelatin in a water bath or in the microwave until dissolved.
  3. Allow to cool to body temperature.

In the basis you can add one component to choose from: a few drops of parsley juice, aloe juice, a capsule of vitamin E, a teaspoon of milk or heavy cream, the pulp of avocado. All additives to the gelatin mask will enhance the rejuvenating effect, because the gelatin will not allow them to dry for a long time.

The tool is enough to distribute on the face, neck and lie down for 15-20 minutes to hardening of the mass. Facial expressions it is better to minimize. When the mask forms a film, it should be carefully separated from the surface, rinse your face with warm water and apply a nourishing cream.

Gelatin enhances the complexion, tighten the skin, will help her become more elastic. Face and neck will be rested and youthful appearance under one condition – the mask is better to apply the rate of not less than 5 procedures.

recipes with gelatin

Using gelatin, you should remember:

  • a better mask is not applied to the area under the eyes, so as not to injure it;
  • remove the film carefully, without stretching the skin;
  • if the gelatin doesn't mix, it should be removed with water;
  • if the film is too thick, the face should be over the steam bath or applying a hot towel to the gelatin became soft and went away;
  • if the surface is too dry, you can remove the mask with a swab dipped in milk.

On the cleaned skin like anti-aging mask at home show results comparable to salon treatments.

Anti-aging mask based on honey and lemon

Homemade masks for the face, rejuvenating the appearance, it is impossible to imagine without honey. The product is unique in its chemical composition and anti-aging properties. The lemon helps to fight with another feature of the age – pigmentation. Minor bleaching with lemon juice will even the complexion, gently cleanses and tones.

Preparation and usage: Recipe wins easy to prepare at home. Honey and lemon take equal proportions and mix until smooth mass. Apply the mixture on the face and neck, sustain for 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water.

There are several features that you need to consider:

  • components are strong allergens, therefore it is necessary to verify the presence of Allergy, making Allergy test on the inner crook of the elbow, and it is better to consult your allergist if there is suspicion of these components;
  • should not be used for irritation, inflammation, as lemon juice can cause the discomfort;
  • better not to use on sensitive skin.

The honey will nourish the Mature skin, increase its content of moisture, improve appearance. Most effective anti-aging compound works for women after 30 years.

Fruity anti-aging mask

Masks based on fruit purees effectively fight aging and provide additional action:

  • raspberry give a velvety;
  • peach will regain its elasticity;
  • apricot will give smoothness;
  • Apple will speed up the cell regeneration;
  • strawberry give freshness;
  • avocados nourish;
  • the banana will be saturated with beneficial trace elements.

Preparation and application: Any selected fruit crushed to a pulp or grate. If the composition is too thin, it can be made more dense by adding two tablespoons of semolina or ground oatmeal. The mixture must be placed on the face, remove after 15-20 minutes.

For dry skin with pronounced wrinkles in the puree you can add flax oil or olive oil. To flush anti-aging composition of warm water, oily residues to drive with fingertips.

Important! Some oils are comedogenic effect. To prevent clogging of pores, regularly clean the skin and 1 time a week to do light home peels.

mask with cucumber and aloe

Mask of cucumber and aloe

For sensitive skin with slight age-related manifestations of cucumber will be a great solution.

Preparation and application: grate cucumber on a fine grater or cut by the blender, put pulp on your face and neck for 3 minutes.

The skin will become very supple and taut. The recipe is suitable for all types of age 28-35 years. For more Mature skin in mixture of cucumber, you can add 1 tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil in the same rejuvenation occurred nutrition and recovery.

Aloe is known for its wound-healing properties, therefore also suitable for skin prone to irritation.

Preparation and application: Rejuvenating mask consists of aloe and honey in proportion 1:1. If intolerance of honey, you can substitute fat cottage cheese. The mixture must be carefully grind and apply on face for 20 minutes. Rinse the remnants with warm water or a weak herbal infusion.

Dairy products to rejuvenate

For anti-aging masks you can use, almost all milk and milk products. Composed of masks the milk will nourish the dry areas of the face. For more Mature skin can replace milk with oil. Dairy products will help to make a soft peeling, give freshness. Usually use unsweetened yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese.

Some examples of anti-aging masks that you need to mix until smooth, spread on the surface and wash off after 15 minutes:

  1. 2 tbsp of cottage cheese, one egg yolk, 1 tsp honey. The mask eliminates signs of fatigue.
  2. 1 egg yolk whipped with 20 ml of milk or cream, apply with a brush several layers as they harden.
  3. Cheese and yogurt in a ratio of 1:2 bleach and tone.

You can apply a very effective yeast mask. Fresh yeast must be diluted in milk until the consistency of sour cream. A thin layer of the mask on for 20 minutes will restore cells.

General contraindications

Anti-aging mask at home do not want to use in the following cases:

  • the presence of hypersensitive products;
  • Allergy to components of the mask;
  • rashes, abscesses, severe inflammation;
  • after a sunburn.

Homemade masks for facial rejuvenation should be used with great caution during pregnancy and lactation.

the benefits of using masks

Why use homemade recipes

Cooking cosmetics improvised more confidence due to the natural composition. Such masks do not contain preservatives, artificial colors, fragrances and harmful substances. The shelf life of such masks is minimal. Ideally, they are recommended to prepare for one application and keep ready.

Affordable price – the second distinct advantage of homemade anti-aging cosmetics. Industrial designs are much more expensive. One mask is not enough, need a set of treatments to rejuvenate the face. 95% of home recipes you can make at home right now. Hostess can't find in the kitchen for home algae peel off the mask, but the rest of the features out of competition.

The third important advantage of home recipes is that the methods are time-tested. The rapid development of the market of beauty products is observed in approximately the last 8-10 years and beauty recipes were used by almost all women to the production factory of masks. You can trust them.

Among the shortcomings highlighted by the lack of variety and exotic ingredients. In home recipes no snail slime, extracts of caviar, pearls, gold.