Essential oils for facial rejuvenation

Every woman wants to look attractive at any age, it's her nature. However, the passing years take their toll, and on the face of each of the fair sex will sooner or later appear the grooves of wrinkles, the skin becomes less elastic. Experience with the use of essential oils for various purposes, including cosmetic, has Millennium. Women have actively used them to impart sophistication to his appearance and maintain the natural beauty. They are used to rejuvenate the face.

oil for the face

The use of oil

Many manufacturers of cosmetics today trying to help lovely ladies in their quest to look younger, including the composition of its products essential oils for facial rejuvenation or, as they are called, "fragrant gold", a positive influence on the epidermis. What oils are the most popular in the fight against aging, and what secrets are hiding in each of them?

Rose oil

Is one of the most expensive components in the composition of creams, masks, tonics, and other means to care for themselves. Rose oil is made from the petals of a flower, which even for a single drop requires a very large amount. But even despite the high price, it does not lose its popularity and is widely used in cosmetology.

Aromatic oil from rose petals has the following properties:

  • Has a General rejuvenating effect on the body.
  • Deeply nourishes and tones the skin.
  • Contributes to the normalization of the sebaceous glands.
  • Helps to get rid of irregularities in the lips and eyes, and age spots.

Almond oil

Also is a powerful product in fighting the signs of aging. Vitamin F in its composition helps to normalize blood circulation, which positively affects the ability of the epidermis to recover. Vitamin B helps the skin to cope with the negative impact of weather conditions, whether high or low temperature and wind. Almond oil is composed of moisturizing ingredients and substances that protect the dermis from UV rays and stimulating tissue regeneration.

A strong and distinct smell can cause an allergic reaction in people with hypersensitivity of the immune system, so Allergy sufferers should give up this means of rejuvenation.

Seed oil carrot

As a cosmetic product used to relieve fatigue, get rid of pallor, provide General anti-aging effect. Of course, the use of carrots even in a cream has many benefits, but do not forget about contraindications. Because the oil of carrot seed stimulates the sebaceous glands, its application be limited to people with oily and problem skin and skin prone to acne.

A good reason to stop using the carrot oils is pregnancy, as the active ingredients in the composition may induce menstruation.

Grape seed oil

Widely used since the ancient times. Though the middle Ages and was far behind, but women to this day use it to multiply its beauty. With its help ladies can improve the complexion, tighten pores, soften and moisturize the dermis, thereby slow down the formation of wrinkles. In addition, the grape seed oil has the following properties:

  • Normalizes weight.
  • Improves liver function.
  • Helps cleanse of toxins.
  • Favorably affects the cardiovascular system.

Among the obvious advantages it is worth noting the universality of cosmetic products with grape oil as it is suitable for almost any skin type.

olive oil

Olive oil

Is not only available, but also the best face oil for rejuvenation. This tool is also often used for body care. It can be purchased at almost any store. The only condition – it should not be subjected to heat treatment in the process of receiving, only if the oil can be used as a cosmetic.

Main properties:

  • Due to its high fat content, this product deeply nourishes the skin tissue, creates an almost invisible barrier to loss of moisture temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Vitamin E in the composition of the oils protects the skin from sagging and improves its elasticity and firmness.
  • Calciferol promotes removal of dead skin particles, and accelerates metabolism.

Olive oil smoothes out irregularities, promotes healing, positively affects the overall condition of facial skin and the entire body.

Castor oil

As olive is one of the most affordable options of rejuvenating. Despite the fact that the plant from which is made this kind of "fragrant gold" is poisonous in its composition you can find a huge amount of nutrients. Besides the fact that castor oil soothes, moisturizes and heals the skin, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, inhibits the reproduction of harmful bacteria that is quite effective substance in the fight against acne.

Pumpkin seed oil

Obtained by cold pressing of seeds. It is rich in active ingredients that slow the aging process, which improves cellular metabolism. The whole complex of vitamins contained in the composition of cosmetic products on the basis of pumpkin, strengthens the subcutaneous capillaries, which reduces the risk of "vascular asterisks".

Thanks to its sun protection, nourishing, moisturizing and regenerative properties, essential oil of pumpkin seed is used in a large number of masks and skin creams, hair and body. The product is suitable for dry and Mature skin.

Lemon oil

In addition to the positive impact on the beauty and health of the tissues, has antibacterial properties. Due to the large content of vitamin C, oil of lemon zest brightens the skin making its color more uniform, reduces the likelihood of developing inflammation, making blemishes from skin rash less noticeable. We can not say more about the nutritional properties of the lemon, making the skin more elastic. This property allows you to have a significant rejuvenating effect.

It is worth remembering that the lemon is the strongest allergen among the citrus so apply the cosmetic product with the addition of this product should take special precautions and perhaps even abandon its use.

Jojoba oil

Made from the fruit of the same plant. They are rich in amino acids and vitamin E, so funds based on them are perfect for skin prone to irritation and various kinds of diseases of the dermis.

Nutty elixir of jojoba possesses does not cause allergies, so it can be used even for moisturizing the skin of newborn children, consult your pediatrician.

The collagen in the oil tightens and deeply nourishes the tissues, making them more smooth and uniform.

the pumpkin butter

Flaxseed oil

Rich in folic acid, an important vitamin in the female body. Its deficiency in cells is fraught with anemia, which affects the complexion and General health of the person. In this disease the cells of the epidermis not receiving the required amount of oxygen, causing the skin color becomes pale, WAN, it loses elasticity and sags.

Apply this product as anti-aging treatments should be in the early stages, in this case, the effect will not keep itself waiting long. Oil from flax seeds can be added as in the ready-made anti-aging products, and own manufacture of a lotion and compresses at home.

Sandalwood oil

In cosmetics is very popular because substances in its composition are suitable for any type of skin. Especially pleased with the result after use will remain women with problem skin, because the sandal not only has a nice woody smell, but also has amazing antiseptic properties.

In addition to healing, this essential oil tightens the facial contours, smoothes wrinkles, and enriches the tissue with nutrients, soothes and normalizes the sebaceous glands.

Application features

Aroma oils, of course, have wide application in the field of eliminating various defects of the skin, whether it be irritation, dermatitis, unhealthy color, or even appearance of age and expression lines. However, be aware that the use of each of them individually and should not remain without control.

Some precautions:

  • People who suffer from allergies, you should approach the choice of the method of saturation of the dermis especially responsible. Almost all kinds of fragrant gold have a strong odor and have a high concentration of components of the composition of the natural raw materials used for their production.
  • Experienced professionals in the face of cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend not to practice the use of essential oils and add them to ready-made creams and masks for care. This reduces the risk of allergic reactions and increases the absorptive capacity of the epidermis.
the use of oil

Remember that to achieve the desired result, you need to consider the type of skin, its age features. It is important to clearly imagine the end result after use, because each product has its effect on the dermis. There are some contraindications for use of a particular oil for the face, so you should pay particular attention when choosing.

Of course, to restore youth beyond the power of anyone, but to "reset" a few years, to look good today is not a problem. The main thing – to choose the right tool. And this will help the beautician.