How to quickly rejuvenate the face, recipes for Express facial

Facial rejuvenation in house conditions – the process is laborious and can last for months. However, at times, require immediate result is skin tightening - an unexpected Banquet, anniversary or a private wedding, where you have to surprise your guests with its beauty. How to rejuvenate your face by yourself at home, read on.

facial rejuvenation

Healthy skin like this?

Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, the environment and substandard care in addition to age-related changes of the skin contribute to the intensive fading of the beauty of the face. To bring back the original suppleness, the smoothness, glow and natural Shine of the house takes time. However, some of the recommendations, help to maintain skin tone and at any moment to look young, delightful, regardless of age.

Rejuvenate your skin at home will help products that practically every housewife can be found in the kitchen. Of them effective nutritional prepare masks, lotions and tonics. In addition, regular use of rejuvenating products will simplify the task with problem skin.

Rapid methods for refreshing the face

The principle methods of freshness and instant facelift is an intensive diet with minerals, hydration and the acceleration of metabolic processes in the cells of the dermis. The result is here:

  • light color and lack of opacity of the face is achieved by improving circulation and blood flow to the cells of the dermis;
  • clean skin without blackheads, and excess Shine – cleaning of the preparatory phase for a deep, intense nutrition. After the quality cleaning of the face – the skin is visibly transformed, "breathes";
  • flat terrain, smooth face massage and lifting means to enhance the effect and set it.

It is impossible to guarantee complete removal of wrinkles in 15 minutes, however, the smoothing of the surface, returning to the tone of the tissues – is quite real.

Tonics and lotions for the skin

Deep cleansing is required, which begins with the facial. To perform the procedure for cleaning required in the morning and evening. To fall asleep with makeup – damaging to the skin, at night, she needs to relax and intensively to renew lost strength. Morning cleaning neglect is not worth it. Get rid of dead skin, dead skin cells using scrubs, lotions, tonics and masks.

Toning is an extra, not less important stage of purification. It allows you to finally get rid of any residue of the skin.

Prepare a lotion by yourself. This pre-brew green tea at the rate of 1 sachet in 60-70 g of water. Grind half a cucumber and 1 tbsp of rose petals. All mix and grind blender. Cotton pad sweep over face and wash with warm water.

methods of rejuvenation

Massage and gymnastics of the face

Before applying the mask is recommended to do light massage of the face. It will enhance blood flow and return elasticity to the tissues. To perform all the movements required only with clean hands. To strengthen efficiency will help essential oils (jojoba, olive, or flax).

The huge popularity of Japanese facial massage Asahi, the foundations of which can be viewed here.

Instant action differ and gymnastic exercises. They do not require special skills, only care and regular classes. A large number of varieties of exercises will solve the problem "How to quickly rejuvenate the face?"

Beauty of ice and contrasting packs

Cosmetic ice – effectively tones the skin. For cooking can be used as herbal teas, and ordinary filtered water. Effect of freshness, the rapid recovery of the tone is achieved through the contrast of temperature effects on the cells. In addition, there is an instantaneous replenishment of lost moisture, which is especially important in hot summertime. Cooked cubes of ice massaging gently wipe the skin several times. The procedure will take 2-3 minutes, but the result will please. Wipe the face is not necessary, let to dry herself.

To refresh the face in the home and recover the lost tone of the tissues in a matter of minutes to help contrasting compresses. Dampen a clean towel in the herbal decoction of chamomile, calendula and carefully lay for 2-4 minutes on the surface of the face. A second towel wet in cold water or broth and put on skin. Alternate the towels need 4 times. To use this method you need no less than a day.

The Express mask with lifting effect

Homemade facial masks provide immediate, pronounced lifting, nutrition and hydration of the skin. For cooking means using only natural, quality and fresh food. Here are some home recipes for masks that will allow you to quickly regain form:

  • 1 tbsp minimally chopped dill mixed with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Added to the mixture of milled in a coffee grinder flakes "Hercules" to a thick state;
  • 1 tablespoon of fat cottage cheese mix with 2 tbsp sour cream, add 5 g of salt sodium chloride.

Both to apply the mask to clean skin for 20 minutes a dense layer. Then the remnants of the mask rinse with cool running water.

To consolidate the achieved results will help lifting cream for the face. Day cream will provide additional protection, and the night intensely saturate the nutrients.