Acupressure facial: awaken the power of Qi and pay years back

Pinpoint the impact on specific reflex zones of the human body activates the internal vital energy and direct it towards the improvement of specific organs or systems. Acupuncture massage of the face showed an impressive effect, returning to its former beauty and health. It will be discussed in this material.

massage for rejuvenation

The procedure, developed by healers of the Ancient East, is the local impact with fingertips on biologically active sites. The main purpose of the technique is stress relief and maximum relaxation facial muscular frame. But, in addition, massage has a positive effect on other aspects.

Point technique is used along with the classical, lymphatic and other anti-aging methods of manual therapy, popular among women.

Should know acupuncture massage from mimic wrinkles additionally used for the recovery and treatment of certain diseases. Practiced during the fight with pain syndrome, migraine and angina.

The principle of operation

Stimulation of the reflex zones activates the circulation of vital energy, which, according to the creators of the methodology occurs in person along with other system processes.

This leads to:

  • slow down aging of the body;
  • stimulation of the metabolism;
  • the acceleration output of lactic acid from muscles;
  • stabilization of blood circulation in problem areas.

Positive effect effect on the skin and organs, so do not be surprised to find improvement in your overall health.

Regular sessions and correct their conduct is guaranteed by:

  • strengthening the muscles;
  • wrinkles of any depth;
  • slowing of age-related changes;
  • normalization of sebum;
  • the increase of turgor of the skin;
  • improve the color and condition of the epidermis.

To go to practice acupressure person should first study the layout of the biologically active sites and their projections on the body.

The location of the reflex zones

The face — the focus of active points (over 114). The diameter of each varies depending on the physiological characteristics from 1 mm to 1 cm. simply put, their map — a set of nerve appendages, the impact of which causes body aches, mild pain and light "the current level".

The area around the eyes and cheekbones:

  1. Between the inner ends of the eyebrow, 1 cm above the bridge of his nose.
  2. In the inner corners of the eyes closer to the nose*.
  3. The midpoint of the arc between the eyebrows, focusing on the pupil*.
  4. 1 cm from the outer corners of the eyes to the temples*.
  5. Under the cheekbones, along the line of the pupil, guided by the lower edge of the nostril*.
  6. Under the lower eyelid 1 cm from the eye towards the cheekbone*.
the positive effects of massage

Near mouth:

  1. Under the lower lip in the hole of the chin.
  2. 1 cm from the corners of the mouth*.
  3. In the center of the nasolabial fold, upper lip.

Temporal and frontal zones:

  1. Near the outer end of the eyebrow, 1 cm closer to the temple*.
  2. Above the midpoint of the arc of the eyebrow, 1 cm from the hairline*.
  3. 3 cm above the outer corner of the eye*.

*points to a symmetric

Performing acupressure at home, you can affect the reflex points of the fingers.

But in cosmetics and other known methods:

  • heat;
  • acupuncture;
  • laser: infrared, UV;
  • magnetic;
  • vacuum.

The duration of exposure at each point depends on the chosen method, but ranges from 3 to 5 seconds.

Important! Proper nutrition and skin care cosmetic products will enhance and prolong the effects

The projection of the internal organs

In addition to the face, acupuncture points affect some organs. In the last century, the famous neurologist Ged defined skin areas on the head and neck, which signal pain syndrome in diseases of the internal organs. Later, doctors assessed their diagnostic significance. To describe each of them now is impractical, therefore we provide only a brief graphic card.

If you define some zone, giving unusual sensations, is to attend to the state of his health.

Types of acupressure techniques to massage the face

Based on the rules of practice clicking is performed with acceptable error or require a definition. You can run the index, middle finger or thumb, and paired reflex zones are processed synchronously.


Dynamic Chinese massage is aimed at getting rid of age-related manifestations on the face and better health. In the history of the practice was a results of getting rid of chronic diseases, which could not overcome the traditional methods of treatment. Depending on the severity of the problem some patients have only a couple of sessions to get the desired result, and some enough for a full month advance.

Jung implies the simplification of the classical acupressure is the stimulation only of points required to activate specific organs.

The session is carried out slowly, in a relaxed atmosphere. The technique is quite simple and you do not need a long training to master it.

Practice used by a number of movements to stimulate reflex zones, but more often there are Pat the tip of the index finger or circular strokes bent thumb. In addition to the selected point, it is recommended to massage the area around her. The therapist determines the exposure time according to how quickly rises the temperature of the skin in the area being massage.


Japanese massage used along with traditional medicine. The technique is safe, effective and affordable. Masters insist that the only reason for the lack of effect of incorrect application of equipment.

The techniques of su Jok available at home and do not require special skills in addition to knowledge of proper exposure, and location of reflex zones. In practice su-Jok there is a separate technique for the face, which is designed to rejuvenate not only the delicate tissue and facial wrinkles, but also the entire body in particular.



The most simple and affordable set of movements aimed at rejuvenation and natural lift the skin. One of the few techniques, which allowed daily instead of a couple times a week. Because a significant result is visible already after two weeks of regular sessions.

Shiatsu is divided into three types:

  • Zen is based on the bio-energy flow and intuition;
  • classic — practiced by the followers of the Creator of the technology;
  • West advanced, more modern method, based on the demonstrated scientific facts.

Important role when choosing the intensity of the depression and localization of exposure plays a reason expressed by the patient.

Important: during a session is unacceptable feeling any discomfort or pain

The impact on the tsubo points that trigger self healing and self rejuvenation.

Please note that the photo of the map of the reflex zones similar to the cards of other techniques. The fact that the roots of all types of acupressure go back to the era of the Ancient East. Now change the methods of influence, but the map points does not change significantly, apart from the position according to the individual physiological characteristics of the face structure, allowing an offset up to 1 cm.

Indications and contraindications

The main indication to perform acupressure, from the point of view of traditional healers of the East and masters of manual therapy, is an imbalance in the energy field. As such, few believe, and more and more people are basing their needs on the actual condition of his health, it turns out that direct indications and contraindications of this type of massage is not. Acupuncture is equally effective in combating serious ailments and cosmetic problems. Patients go to the wizards barely see the first wrinkle, sinusitis aggravated, or manifest swelling of facial tissues. The latter generally has many causes.

Acupressure is compatible with:

  • ELOS-rejuvenation;
  • masks from cosmetic or folk remedies;
  • comprehensive anti-aging physiotherapy.

Prohibited procedures when:

  • infectious lesions of the body;
  • congenital pathologies of internal organs;
  • fractures;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • cancer tumors;
  • tuberculosis;
  • AIDS;
  • pregnancy;
  • mental disorders;
  • toxic poisoning, including drug or alcohol;
  • patients over 75 years of age, or children.

Children are allowed to do acupressure, but purely for medicinal purposes.

As the simplest method of all acupuncture is shiatsu, and it is aimed primarily at getting rid of cosmetic issues, we will consider it in more detail.

Point facial massage at home

The goal is to awaken the body and send them to rejuvenate themselves.

Preparation for massage

Start the session with a cleansing of the skin by any means, which you used to enjoy. In extreme cases it may be dry white wine, diluted with purified water at a ratio of 3:1.

Then warm the skin steam treatments 2 to 3 minutes at temperatures up to 50 degrees.

Massage follow comfortable conditions for you — scented candles, quiet music, silence, etc.

To enhance the effect, directly before the session, apply a moisturizing vitamin cream.

massage technique

The procedure

Recommendations on the implementation of acupuncture practice shiatsu at home:

  1. The sequence diagrams in figures impact on point.
  2. Press and hold to 7 seconds. Pass from center of forehead to temples with three fingers at a time, synchronously in both directions, to the temples (point # 1).
  3. At the same time lower the fingers into zones each arc of the eyebrows (point No. 2) and hold for 7 seconds. Then release and click the points number 3 and 4.
  4. Within 5-7 seconds push three fingers on point # 5. If you feel discomfort, reduce the time techniques, increasing gradually with each session. It is this area prone to the greatest manifestation of wrinkles, because the effect should be stronger.
  5. Spots on the eyelids, below the brow (No. 6). Do not touch the Apple and do massage this area with your eyes closed. Pressure not more than 5 seconds. Keep the fingers moving the skin to the nose.
  6. Area lower eyelid (No. 7) is processed according to the same rules.
  7. Region No. 8 on the cheeks massaged for 7 seconds.
  8. Big fingers hit the areas near the nostrils (No. 9) for the period from 5 to 7 seconds.
  9. Point No. 10 is also massaged with the thumb 7 seconds.
  10. Gently push the points near the corners of the mouth (No. 11). Preliminary feel for the muscles and don't go beyond it. Will have to become skilled with the first time might not happen.
  11. No. 12 is under the lower lip in the hole of the chin. Press 7 seconds on the gums, not the teeth.
  12. Slightly raise the head, but strongly do not strain the shoulders. Set the "working trio" for 5 seconds in points of the zone number 13.
  13. The lateral region of the neck (No. 14, 15) are processed simultaneously and very carefully, to suddenly "turn off", there is a carotid artery.
  14. Press your thumb on the jugular depression and keep no more than 3 seconds, gently releasing (No. 16).
  15. Complete the procedure in the area of No. 17, simultaneously pushing on the point at the base of the ears for 7 seconds.

Everything is processed in 4 consecutive doses.

A kind of gymnastics for the face and massage on points will bring only benefits, but only when properly executed. These lessons will help you to gain practice and learn more about massage.