Ice cubes for face wrinkles — the best recipes

Our grandmothers used to RUB his face frozen concoctions, saving youth and beauty. They acted instinctively, without understanding the mechanisms of the influence onto the skin. Ice cubes are working in three directions simultaneously, thereby rejuvenating the effect is complex:

  • The mechanical effect equivalent to a light massage. It provides lymph drainage, tones the skin and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis.
  • The effects of temperature perceived by the body as a damaging factor. In response to the triggered repair mechanisms. Cooling leads to a narrowing of blood vessels, then blood flow increases, increasing the delivery of nutrients to the skin.
  • The chemical effects of various additives in the ice. Botanicals saturate the skin with vitamins and other nutrients, restoring its youthful radiance.

The combination of multi-directional impact ensures a fairly quick effect, and due to the introduction of additional ingredients, it becomes possible purposeful influence on existing problems. Daily massage with ice cubes will help to get rid of the following problems:

  • the signs of skin aging – wrinkles, reduction of tone and elasticity;
  • age spots;
  • acne, comedones, pimples;
  • swelling;
  • dull complexion;
  • pores;
  • the oiliness of the skin.

And invigorating cold massage will help to Wake up in the morning and cheerfulness no worse a Cup of strong coffee. Even a simple ice from pure water is useful for your face, but adding the healing components, you can enhance the efficiency of procedures. If you use ice for the person from wrinkles, prescription should be selected taking into account skin type and existing problems.

How to use ice cubes for face wrinkles

Habe an glaciem cube ita

In spite of the absolute safety of the technique, during the execution of the cryo massage must follow certain rules in order not to harm the epidermis. Technique the procedure is simple, but cosmetologists advise to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Ice should only be used after prior cleansing. Enough to wipe the face with damp cotton pad to remove remnants of sweat and dirt accumulated on the face over night.
  • Remove the ice cubes from the freezer 10 minutes before procedures, to the edge to melt or scratch the skin with sharp fragments.
  • Move ice along the massage lines, not to stretch the epidermis. Should not be performed.
  • Don't stay long in one place, the continuous contact of one area with ice should be 3-5 seconds and the total procedure time is 3 minutes. Accustom the skin to the cold gradually, and the first time limit 30 second duration.
  • After the procedure, do not rinse to melt ice, better lie down for a few minutes and allow the medicinal components to be absorbed into the skin. After that, it is sufficient to wet the remains with a cloth or towel.
  • Plan care in the morning, but not later than half an hour before going outside. Winter period of time should be increased to 1 hour. If you love hot shower in the morning, until after a steaming soak 15-minute break. This will reduce the chance of injury of blood vessels from sharp changes in temperature.

How to make ice cubes for face anti wrinkle

Special attention in the manufacture of compositions for freezing should be paid to water quality. Ideal sparkling mineral water, but if her hand was not replace your regular drinking. The water is very hard and contains chlorine, so it must defend during the day. During this time, the chlorine will erode, and the excess minerals settle.

When you prepare the ice cubes for the face, recipes of wrinkles can be represented by the following types:

  • Infusions. For their preparation the water must boil, pour 1 Cup boiling water 2 tablespoons herbs, chopped fruits, berries or other components. It is convenient to prepare the infusions in teapot or French press. Infused composition for 2-3 hours, after which it should be filtered and poured into molds.
  • The decoctions. The proportion of water and active ingredients are the same, but in this case, can not do without a pot. Pour the ingredient with boiling water and simmer under the lid, not boiling, 20 to 30 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it brew broth for one hour. Now you just filter it and pour into molds.
  • Juices. For cosmetic procedures will only fit freshly squeezed juices, as natural tea bags is highly questionable. Pure and permissible to use only the juices of plants with high water content such as cucumber or watermelon. In other cases, the juice is diluted with water 1:1.
  • Tea. In cosmetology is used green or black tea, brew in a ratio of 1 tsp per Cup of water. Take only the sheet product, as packaged, can contain the dyes. Brewing tea should with boiling water enough temperature 90-95 ° C.
  • Fruit or vegetable slices. Whole pieces of food should be sliced thinly, and wipe the face area of the slice from which the melting juice stands out.

When you put the molds in the freezer, please note that there were packages with strongly smelling products. The ice will readily absorb odors, and care will not bring you happiness. It is not recommended to store ice longer than 1 week, so don't cook with stock.

Ice cubes for face anti-wrinkle: recipes for different skin types Finding the right part will not cause difficulties in those who had used natural products. If you are interested in herbal cosmetology for the first time, carefully review what products will suit your skin.

Dry thin skin

The owner of a dry skin earlier mentioned the appearance of the grid lines, and the selection of components should avoid drying products. Your face needs hydration and nutrition, and ice it is able to provide this need if we make it such additives:

  • milk, diluted with water 1:1;
  • cream, diluted with water 1:2;
  • honey, in the ratio of 1 tablespoon per Cup of water or broth;
  • a decoction or infusion of rose petals, hawthorn, elder or Linden;
  • sea-buckthorn juice or melon;
  • berry juice – strawberry, raspberry.

Before freezing, add each cube a drop of olive oil to further moisturize the skin.

Oily skin

The owner of this type of skin tend to eliminate oily Shine, reduce the intensity of the sebaceous glands, to solve the problem kamedonov, acne and enlarged pores. In this case, suitable substances with antiseptic and drying effect:

  • a decoction or infusion of chamomile flowers, calendula;
  • aloe Vera juice, provided that the plant is not less than 2 years;
  • cubes with lemon or cucumber juice;
  • a decoction of oak bark or parsley.

In the summer be sure to add lemon juice in any other recipes and do the cryo massage at least twice a day.

Combo type


By alternating sections of different types, it is quite possible to use recipes for oily skin in the T-zone. But to prepare two kinds of ice cubes may be too troublesome, so take a look at one of the following recipes:

  • a decoction of birch buds;
  • the infusion or decoction of a succession, mint;
  • cucumber or watermelon juice;
  • coffee cubes.

Caffeine is well-tones the skin and fights wrinkles, just be sure to use natural ground coffee. If you make coffee in a Turk and freeze with a coffee stain, these cubes are ideal as a summer scrub.

Normal skin

Women who skin condition is not a problem, you still need to maintain her youth and beauty. Come to the aid of ice cubes of the following composition:

  • the infusion of rose petals;
  • watermelon or strawberry juice;
  • a decoction of sage or peppermint;
  • tincture from kelp;
  • the juice of aloe leaves;
  • tincture of Shilajit;
  • simple mineral water.
You can combine herbs for facial wrinkles with ice. Prepare infusions and decoctions of several plants or alternate recipes. Take seasonal fruit and vegetables imported always processed with chemicals for preservation during transport and long storage.

Sensitive area around the eyes

Thin and delicate skin is the first to suffer from age-related changes, so needs special care. Brief exposure to cold, perfectly tones the skin and reduces puffiness, especially if it is combined with the following compositions:

  • green leaf tea;
  • the cucumber juice;
  • a decoction or the juice of parsley.

In the cold season 30 minutes after the cryo massage be sure to apply on the skin around the eye moisturizer to prevent excessive dryness.

Contraindications to frost cosmetics

Even made of natural ingredients ice can harm in some cases, so before applying read the contraindications for cryo procedures. Critical health risks the use of ice cubes is not responsible, but to exacerbate existing problems may.

  • Rosacea, increased fragility of the vascular surface location. If through the skin, the translucence of the capillary mesh or there is easy bruising, will have to pick a different methodology.
  • Cold Allergy. Cryo massage is contraindicated in those after exposure to the cold is marked rash, peeling or itching of the skin.
  • Allergy to components of ice. The most frequent allergen is the honey, but medicinal herbs can also cause allergic rashes.
  • Open wounds, purulent inflammatory processes on the face. A trivial pimples can easily withstand ice care, but in the presence of furuncles or barley need to refrain from such procedures.
  • Inflammation of the sinuses – sinusitis, sinusitis, etmoidit in the acute phase are contraindications to local cryotherapy.

A temporary taboo on cryo massage imposes a common cold or any disease accompanied by fever. You can continue to use ice cubes immediately after the normalization of temperature.

Fructus vel vegetabilis crustae

The first results will be noticeable within a few days of daily application. You will notice a reduction in bags and dark circles under the eyes, narrowing of the pores. Later recover a healthy complexion and leave the inflammatory manifestations, but the wrinkles will have to work systematically at least a month.