Eye rejuvenation: the radiance of the mirror of the soul

In the fight against aging, women first of all pay attention to the face. The area around the eyes requires special care . . .

Why the eye contour suffers the most

facial rejuvenation

The human body is a skeletal skeleton clad in muscle clothing and covered with skin. Any muscle requires training or work, without them it loses its elasticity and gradually sags. If everything is clear with the muscles of the body: load them with work - and they will be in good shape, then with the facial muscles everything is much more complicated.

This is interesting!There are more than a hundred muscles on the face and neck that are responsible for movement and facial expressions.

A distinctive feature of the facial muscles is that they work unevenly: some muscles are involved in movement and facial expressions, while others are practically inactive. That is, part of the muscles must be relaxed, and the rest must be loaded with work.

In addition, the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. There is no subcutaneous fat under it. This makes it vulnerable to harmful environmental influences.

The first signs of aging most often appear in the area around the eyes.

Bruises and bags under the eyes

These cosmetic defects can often indicate health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a therapist before applying cosmetic procedures. Problems with the liver, kidneys and blood vessels most often cause the appearance of bags and dark circles.

Short sleep, lack of fresh air, smoking and stress are common causes of bruising and bags under the eyes. An evening walk and an 8-hour sleep in a well-ventilated room can correct this cosmetic problem.


Wrinkles around the eyes can also appear at a young age. Healthy vision plays an important role in the prevention of wrinkles. If vision is far from ideal, then in order to see something, a person needs to squint and tighten the muscles that are responsible for eye movement. This leads to hypertonicity of the eye muscles. Be sure to wear eyeglasses if necessary. Do not forget about sunglasses at any time of the year. Bright winter or summer sun causes significant damage to the delicate skin around the eyes.

Heavy eyelids

Heavy drooping eyelids make the face look gloomy and add a decade to age. This cosmetic defect is often caused by the anatomical structure of the face. For those for whom such a feature is not naturally characteristic, drooping of the eyelid is associated with a loss of skin elasticity or improper care.

Prevention of skin aging around the eyes

As you know, prevention is always better than cure. There are some simple rules to help you avoid the early signs of aging in the eye area:

  • Visit an ophthalmologist at least once every 2 years. This will help correct vision at the very beginning of changes, and therefore relieve excessive tension of the eye muscles;
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. Get enough sleep on a comfortable bed, get an orthopedic pillow, which will allow you to keep your head as comfortable as possible in a dream. Try to sleep on your back or side;
  • Try to remove makeup along the massage lines without stretching the skin around the eyes. Use gentle makeup removers. Remove makeup and apply night creams 1 hour before bed;
  • Wear sunglasses in sunny weather all year round. Apply highly protective creams to the eye area.

Eye contour rejuvenation at home

Traditional medicine offers a variety of ways to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.


Ideal mask products to help rejuvenate the eye area are honey, milk, raw potato juice, egg white, sour cream and avocado. All of these foods are high in fat. Their use in masks is due to the fact that the skin around the eyes is usually dry, even at a young age. Therefore, this area requires the use of more oily masks. It is even more effective to add various oils to the mask for rejuvenation. Coconut, macadamia, apricot kernel, argan and wheat germ oils contain vitamins A and C, which help to smooth the skin and make it more elastic. It is enough to add 1-2 drops of oil to the mask and apply to the area around the eyes. Removing the mask requires caution, as the skin in this area is prone to stretching. It is important to carefully remove the mask with a damp cotton pad.

A good effect is given by alternating cold and hot compresses with herbal infusions. For this purpose, sage herb, chamomile and green tea are most effective. The procedure must be completed with a cool compress: this not only tones well the skin around the eyes, but also gives brightness and radiance to the eyes.

This is interesting!The muscles around the eyes are the most "hardworking". The eyes are moved by 8 muscles.


Exercises for the muscles in the eye area are aimed at targeting those muscles that are not working well. It is important not to stretch other muscles that are nearby. These exercises are as simple as possible. To be effective, they must be performed at least once a day at any time.

  • Movement of the eyeballs up and down, left and right and in a circle in both directions;
  • Sequential shutting and opening of eyes. Enough 10 seconds for each movement;
  • Resistance Exercise: Holding the skin and muscles between the eyebrows, try to bring the eyebrows together.

Exercises should be repeated 8-10 times. They help not only to train the muscles around the eyes, but also relieve fatigue from the eyes themselves. Exercise for the eyes facilitates the disappearance of small vessels on the eyeball.


Self-massage in the eye area is performed for lymphatic drainage effect. The lymphatic system is responsible for the action of metabolic processes in the body. Her condition affects immunity and resistance to infections. The lymphatic system plays an important role in fluid retention in the body. The appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes is associated with insufficient lymph circulation in the body. With the help of massage, you can activate the activity of the lymphatic system. Several techniques are used for massage with lymphatic drainage effect:

  • Light pressure without shifting the skin to the side;
  • Finger patting;
  • Rolling the index finger in the eye area.

The massage is carried out along the massage lines: along the upper eyelid - counterclockwise, along the lower eyelid - in the opposite direction. At the outer corner of the eyes, it is better to use light patting and pressing.

Cosmetology in the fight for the youthfulness of the skin around the eyes

Hardware Methods

Radio wave lifting.A cosmetic procedure based on the action of an electromagnetic field. Under the influence of high-frequency waves in the tissues, the production of their own collagen is stimulated, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Radio wave lifting has a good lifting effect, comparable to the results of surgical lifting.

Elos therapy.The method is based on the use of the positive effects of light energy and electrical energy. Under the influence of heat, cells begin to produce their collagen and elastin. This makes the skin smooth and even. Exposure to heat reduces pigmentation in the skin around the eyes. The procedure is painless and lasts no more than 45 minutes.

Laser resurfacing.Laser has been used in medicine and cosmetology for several decades. The laser resurfacing procedure works on the upper layers of the skin. Under the influence of a laser flash, the process of tissue renewal starts in the cells. Laser resurfacing helps fight loose skin in the eyelid area. It brightens hyperpigmented skin well.

Injection cosmetology

The introduction of various formulations under the skin has recently replaced surgical cosmetology. Injection cosmetology includes:

  • Mesotherapy. The procedure for introducing cosmetic cocktails into the middle layers of the skin. The composition of cocktails may include vitamins, minerals. The cocktail composition is formed individually for each client. An individual approach ensures a high-quality result;
  • Biorevitalization. The use of hyaluronic acid is very popular as its subcutaneous injection gives very good results. Hyaluronate helps to moisturize the skin, and since the main problem of the eye area is dryness, which causes early wrinkles, the use of hyaluronic acid is indispensable for rejuvenation.
  • Botulinum therapy. The introduction of botulinum preparations containing the toxin under the skin leads to blocking of the muscles that are responsible for facial expressions. Expression wrinkles appear in those areas where the facial muscles are most tense: in the glabellar space and in the eye area. The best effect is achieved in combination with other cosmetic procedures: mesotherapy, peeling with chemical acids;
  • Contour correction with fillers. Recent studies have shown that the most effective are fillers containing hyaluronate and collagen. These two substances solve the problem of dry and lax skin in the eye area. Since hyaluronate and collagen are produced by the human body, there is no allergic reaction to such drugs. Filler is a viscous substance that is injected into the periorbital region of the face.

This is interesting!The first cosmetic product containing hyaluronic acid appeared in 1979.


Chemical peeling for the eye area differs from peeling for the entire face in a more gentle action. The peeling must include lactic and glycolic acids. Thanks to their effect, the skin is moisturized and brightened. After the end of the peeling procedure, a neutralizing agent is applied to the skin, followed by soothing formulations. According to the degree of impact, they distinguish between superficial, median and deep. To rejuvenate the area around the eyes, only superficial is used. This method of skin rejuvenation is suitable for women under 30.

How to choose the right procedure

Procedure type

Expiration Date

Number of treatments



Contouring with fillers

3-12 months

1 procedure

Does not block facial muscles. No allergic reaction

Recovery period 7-10 days


6 months

4-6 treatments

Allows you to create a meso cocktail with a high degree of personality

Requires a preliminary medical examination

Botulinum Therapy

3–8 months

1 procedure

Best eye effect

Useless for deep wrinkles. Does not affect cell regeneration


3 months

1 procedure

Brightens the skin and removes fine wrinkles

Contraindicated in sensitive skin. 5-7 days recovery period

Elos Therapy

18-24 months

Course of 5-6 procedures with an interval of 1 month

Stimulates intracellular renewal

Requires 2 weeks preparation for the procedure.

The results are visible in a month. Possible burns


5-6 months

Course of 4 treatments

Instant effect

No recovery period

Radio wave lifting

1 year

1-3 procedures

Has a visible lifting effect

Recovery period 2 weeks

Laser resurfacing

2 years

Course of 6 treatments at intervals of 1 month

Ideal for an eyelid lift

Recovery period 2 weeks. The final result is visible in 3-6 months

Apparatus methods of rejuvenating the area around the eyes suggest adherence to the rules that will help to avoid side effects - hyperpigmentation and scarring:

  • Use creams with SPF 50 for the eye area;
  • Stop using makeup for 1 week;
  • massage is not recommended for 1-2 weeks after hardware procedures.