Remedies to help get rid of wrinkles around the eyes

Exercise for tightening the skin around the eyes

Already by the age of thirty-five, many people begin to have “sunny” wrinkles around the eyes, which are popularly called “crow's feet”. Some are sincerely happy about such manifestations, considering them signs of a good-natured disposition, but most are upset because of the past years and the outgoing youth. However, you can find an effective remedy for wrinkles around the eyes, thereby prolonging the youth and freshness of your face for a long time.

Causes of crow's feet


Factors such as diet and regularity of food, healthy lifestyle, drinking and smoking, lack of sleep and constant stress at work and at home, inactive lifestyle and manyother external and internal factors. Therefore, information alone, than smearing around the eyes to eliminate wrinkles, will not be enough to achieve a good result. It is important to organize your life correctly, to be outdoors more and to be less nervous. Then the remedies for crow's feet will definitely work quickly and effectively.

Aging accelerating factors

Lack of vitamins and nutrients, nervous shocks and chronic sleep deprivation affect the general health of a person. We become irritable, and the skin loses its natural glow and delicate color, dark circles and bags appear under the eyes, not to mention the network of expression lines. But there are other reasons why the first wrinkles may appear prematurely.

  • The dermis around the eyes is about four times thinner than in other areas, which means that there is also much less elastin and collagen in it.
  • The activity of facial expressions does not have a very positive effect on the skin. Just in order to constantly keep the cornea hydrated, a person has to blink at least twenty thousand times a day.
  • There are too few sebaceous and sweat glands in the thin skin around the eyes, which leads to dryness and lack of nutrition.
  • Wearing inappropriate glasses that causes squinting results in earlier wrinkles.

Excessive application of decorative cosmetics can also adversely affect the thin and delicate dermis of the face, dry it out. Therefore, the question of how to moisturize the skin around the eyes so that the result is visible and the effect lasts for a long time is very relevant.

Healthy Skin Rules

A healthy lifestyle will help prevent premature skin aging. After all, even purchasing the most expensive cream or mask, having performed hardware cosmetology procedures, but not following the rules, you will soon bring the dermis to its previous or even more vulnerable state.

  • Ensure proper nutrition, with sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals, and do not forget about regularity. The diet should contain a little bit of everything, nuts, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, milk and butter, but it is better to do without fast food, soda, sweets and chips. A healthy diet will do the trick, and collagen will be produced more intensively.
  • Give your skin reliable protection from UV rays, use creams with similar capabilities, do not forget to protect the area around the eyes in a tanning bed. From dirt, smog, wind, frost, the skin also needs to be protected as best as possible, all this has a detrimental effect on it.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, water is the source of life. If this is not done, the skin dries up and becomes covered with wrinkles, it becomes thinner, especially under the eyes.
  • Avoid alcohol altogether, even a glass of wine before bed. And you will have to quit smoking if you want to stay young and beautiful for a long time.

In this area, the epidermis is extremely thin, delicate and vulnerable, therefore it is difficult to care for it, you need to be extremely careful. Only by giving the skin the necessary care, with a correct, healthy lifestyle, can we talk about a high-quality prolongation of youth.

The best remedies for wrinkles around the eyes

Applying moisturizer to the eye area

To establish a daily routine, take a calmer attitude to everyday problems and work issues, learn not to pay attention to external stimuli, quit smoking and drinking alcohol, all this can be afforded by any girl, but sometimes this turns out to be not enough, and age takes its toll. In order to prolong youth and freshness as much as possible, you need to carefully select, or even better, prepare remedies for wrinkles around the eyes at home, especially after 30 years. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, but let's figure it out in order.

Natural oils

Professional cosmetologists have long been saying that natural cosmetic and essential oils are excellent at removing wrinkles around the eyes. You can buy such products at any cosmetic store or pharmacy. The main requirement for a product is that it must contain more active ingredient, in our case oil, than filler. Some unscrupulous manufacturers produce “ostensibly products” that contain up to 50-80% of common vegetable oil. Such acquisitions should be feared and avoided. But what are the most effective oils?

  • Almond and apricot.
  • Castor and sea buckthorn.
  • Peach and Jojoba.
  • Cocoa butter.
  • Carrot and coconut.

This is not a complete list of what will really help in the struggle for age. Even an ordinary carrot can turn out to be a faithful companion and ally, due to the incredibly high content of vitamins of groups A and E, which is so necessary for the thin dermis under the eyes. If you combine the oil with massage and medical facial gymnastics, the result will be noticeable very soon. But remember that you cannot apply pure oil to the skin, first you need to make a mask, cream or compress with other components from it, otherwise you can arrange a burn for yourself, which will not be easy to cure.

Facial gymnastics and massage

The main cause of crow's feet is the relaxation and sagging of the orbicular muscle. To prevent this, you need to regularly tighten and train her, for which massage and gymnastic procedures will be the best solution. It is important that all these actions can be performed independently, without the involvement of strangers.

  • Look to the right without turning your head and then to the left. Hold your eyes at the extreme points for 3-5 seconds.
  • Roll your eyes with maximum amplitude, first clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  • Draw a large dot on a piece of paper with a green marker and set the picture one and a half meters from your face. Look at the point for ten seconds, then move your eyes to your hands without changing the position of your head.
  • Alternate between firmly closing your eyes when looking up and relaxing, repeating the action up to five times.
  • Press the outer and inner corners of the eyes with your fingertips, not hard, but persistently, hold one or two seconds and release. Repeat 3-5 times.

Repeat each exercise several times daily, morning and evening, then such exercises will be effective and efficient. Simple manipulations can be made using moisturizing creams or oils, this will keep the dermis in good shape.

Special cosmetics

To find the most effective remedy for wrinkles around the eyes, you need to pay attention to creams, milk and masks that are produced by an industrial method. Now on store shelves you can find many jars, bottles and tubes that promise a second youth even at seventy years old. Meanwhile, you should find out how effective they are and how exactly to achieve the desired result.

  • Professional cosmetologists warn that no cream, industrial mask or milk will relieve you of those wrinkles that have already appeared, but they can prevent the appearance of new ones.
  • Store eye products in most cases represent a standard cream, from which spreading or irritating components have been excluded, which can get on the mucous membranes and lead to cramps, burning sensations, and itching.
  • The best creams and masks usually contain substances such as body oil or caffeine, which qualitatively tone and refresh the dermis around the eyes.
  • The most effective masks and creams contain ingredients that tighten the skin, make it more elastic, but the effect usually lasts no more than a few hours, after which it completely disappears.

A not too long-lasting effect of smoothing the skin around the eyes is given by special cosmetics filled with masking pigments, in the manner of toning, matting or BB creams. Such products have absolutely no smoothing effect, but the appearance will make it fresher and more attractive. If we talk about creams or masks, you can limit yourself to moisturizing and nourishing options, this will be quite enough.

Folk remedies

Cucumber compresses from crow's feet

The most affordable and effective, and at the same time also the safest remedies for "crow's feet" can be considered those offered by traditional medicine.

  • A mask of honey and yolk, with the addition of a few drops of vitamin E from a pharmacy, applied to the skin under the eyes for only 15-20 minutes a day, three times a week, will provide the necessary nutrition and hydration of the dermis for a long time.
  • Olive oil with vitamins A and E works in the same way as the previous remedy. Dilute a teaspoon of oil with two drops of vitamins and apply this elixir under the eyes.
  • Tea, cucumber and fermented milk compresses can be truly amazing. You can make such compresses both in the evening, before bedtime, after the complete removal of decorative cosmetics, and early in the morning, immediately after washing and moisturizing the skin of the face.

Home remedies are especially effective if they are used in combination. For example, masks and compresses can be combined with natural homemade crow's feet cream.

Hardware cosmetology

When time is hopelessly lost, you will have to look for effective products for the skin around the eyes from professionals. There are drastic measures for eliminating expression lines, and many use them regularly. The disadvantages of such procedures are the serious price and short duration of the effect.

  • The procedure of photorejuvenation has become extremely popular recently, the essence of which is to influence certain areas with light rays of different intensity and length. The dermis becomes smoother, more elastic, fresher, metabolic processes are activated in it, elastin and collagen begin to be produced with renewed vigor. The effect of photorejuvenation does not appear immediately, but over time, and its duration is quite long.
  • Mesotherapy, when various amino acids and stimulating nucleins, vitamins and minerals are injected directly under the skin, has recently become very much in demand in the cosmetic services market. It accelerates the production of collagen and the synthesis of elastin, spurs cells to renewal, smoothing out wrinkles under the eyes. The effect of the procedure is visible instantly, but gradually it fades away.
  • Botulinum toxin injections have already become a real talk of the town. Botulinum toxin blocks the flow of nerve signals from the central nervous system to the muscles in the periphery, in our case, under the eyes. Due to this, the skin is stretched, it becomes smoother. The main disadvantage is the loss of sensitivity and mobility, which makes the face look like a wax mask. The effectiveness of such a procedure is controversial, it lasts only 3-7 months, after which it must be repeated.
  • Contouring and beauty injections are the most radical measures women take today to eliminate wrinkles under their eyes. Surgical intervention is always dangerous, but hyaluronic acid injections are much safer than all other measures. It is a natural substance that smoothes the skin and gradually dissolves without causing any harm to the body.

Any of these effective anti-wrinkle products are temporary and will diminish over time. Then the procedures will need to be repeated, and the situation can worsen significantly. Therefore, such radical methods should be considered extreme and applied only when other means have completely exhausted themselves.

You will have to choose what to use and what to refuse, but for this you need to correctly assess the risks and effectiveness. The main thing is to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, consume a lot of vitamins and often be outdoors, be less nervous and worried, then the youthfulness of the skin under the eyes will last longer.