Fractional rejuvenation: the essence of the procedure, recommendations and contraindications

fractional skin rejuvenation what is it

Over time, every woman begins to think about how to preserve her youth and beauty for a long time. The gradually appearing small and large mimic wrinkles greatly spoil the mood every time the gaze falls into the mirror.

Previously, those who wanted to regain their visual appeal and stop aging had no choice but to use the surgeon's knife. Modern cosmetology can offer a large number of safe and effective ways to preserve youth, one of which is the procedure of fractional laser rejuvenation.

Fractional rejuvenation: what is it?

Fractional laser facial rejuvenation by the principle of action is most similar to laser resurfacing, however, the first method is more effective and differs in a rather long-term preservation of the result obtained.

Since the process uses high-precision laser radiation, only a specialist should carry out the procedure.

how is fractional skin rejuvenation performed

The essence of the process lies in the effect on the skin of the face with a special apparatus equipped with a nozzle with photocells. This design provides deep and effective penetration of the laser beam under the upper layers of the epidermis. At the same time, deeper tissues are not exposed to influence and heating, and therefore cannot be injured.

The laser temperature used for fractional rejuvenation is significantly higher than that used for simple resurfacing or removal of acne and scars. Therefore, they drive such a device over the face very quickly in order to avoid burns. Aggressive thermal action significantly accelerates metabolic processes, stimulates skin regeneration, fibroblasts release collagen and elastin - substances that are building materials for new epidermal cells and are responsible for elasticity, smoothness and healthy skin color. The intense circulation of blood and lymph under the skin, triggered by the action of the laser, contributes to the formation of a powerful tightening effect, as a result of which the skin is smoothed, and its turgor acquires a significantly increased strength.

Tightening the skin of the face without surgery, using only one laser, also helps to eliminate minor imperfections on the skin, cleanse it of rosacea and level the surface if it has scars and scars, that is, provides additional grinding andcleansing effect.

Too deep wrinkles, scars and long-standing dense scars cannot be removed only with a fractional laser, this will require additional exposure to other ways of solving problems.

Types of fractional rejuvenation

There are several devices for performing fractional laser treatment on the upper layers of the epidermis. They are selected directly by a specialist depending on several factors:

  • the severity of the problem;
  • patient's skin type;
  • age;
  • individual tolerance and the presence of chronic pathologies.

Also, the cosmetologist will choose one of two methods of fractional action in each specific clinical case:

  1. ablative photothermolysis. It is used to remove superficial microscopic areas of the skin. In this case, the penetration depth of the laser is 1. 5 mm. Its action is to stimulate metabolic processes and accelerate the tension of the skin.
  2. non-ablative photothermolysis. The laser beam in this method penetrates much deeper, in some cases to a distance of up to 5 mm. It is used to intensively restore the deeper layers of the skin.
types of fractional skin rejuvenation

When choosing a complex treatment, the cosmetologist will alternately, through a session, use one or the other method. This contributes to a faster fixation of the result and its preservation for a long time.

The large number of reviews received from clients of cosmetology clinics speaks of the high efficiency of the procedure and the rapid achievement of the maximum visible effect. Already after one session, after recovery, you can notice the alignment of skin tone, a significant increase in its elasticity, restoration of the clarity of the lines of the cheeks and chin. Small mimic wrinkles, crow's feet in the corners of the eyes can completely disappear, nasolabial folds will be smoothed out.

In order for the effect to take hold, you need to go through the procedure. You need to go to the beautician's table for fractional facial rejuvenation once a month. The full course is about 7 procedures, lasting 25-30 minutes, depending on the chosen method, treatment area and a specific clinical case.

The effect of the fractional rejuvenation procedure

In order to be convinced of the effectiveness of the method, it is enough to read reviews about it on the websites of cosmetology clinics. Fractional thermolifting, carried out by a certified specialist using high-quality apparatus and materials used, helps to achieve the following results:

the effect of the fractional skin rejuvenation procedure
  • getting rid of scars, visible vascular patterns on the skin of the face;
  • significant pore narrowing;
  • decrease in the intensity of pigmentation on the upper layer of the skin;
  • tightening of flabby areas on the face, restoration of skin turgor;
  • smoothing wrinkles;
  • elimination of red stretch marks;
  • significant improvement in skin color, restoration of a healthy, blooming appearance.

The effect will be more pronounced and lasting if you carefully follow the doctor's instructions after the procedure and before it. It is best to set aside time for fractional rejuvenation in winter or autumn, when the sun's rays are not so active and cannot damage the upper layers of the skin, which have already been introduced into a stress state.

Indications and contraindications

Fractional rejuvenation has a standard set of indications for which it will be recommended by a specialist dermatocosmetologist:

fractional facial rejuvenation indications and contraindications
  • small vascular stars;
  • red striae;
  • loss of skin tone;
  • laxity and sagging of some parts of the face;
  • fine and medium-sized wrinkles;
  • scars and acne;
  • pronounced porosity of the skin;
  • uneven relief and complexion;
  • various age spots.

However, the procedure is an aggressive effect of a powerful laser beam, and therefore has several contraindications:

  • neoplasms of any genesis;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • fresh tan;
  • severe acne;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • skin lesions and acute inflammatory infections;
  • autoimmune pathologies at any stage;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • pathologies provoked by the activity of viruses;
  • epilepsy.

Each case is considered by the doctor individually. If the risk of negative side effects is high, the doctor will offer the client a more rational method of rejuvenation, instead of fractional thermal lifting.

The nuances of the procedure

Despite the high efficiency of fractional rejuvenation, medical specialists must warn their patients about the following nuances of fractional thermolifting:

photo before and after fractional laser rejuvenation
  • Not all wrinkles and scars can disappear after even all the prescribed sessions of the procedure. With age, the epidermis cannot become so productive and elastic as to smooth out deep folds and sagging;
  • To eliminate some problems of the upper layers of the skin, you may need to repeat the session just 6 months after the last;
  • the rehabilitation period after the session is quite long - about 2 weeks. All this time, the upper layer of the skin will be unprotected and extremely vulnerable, therefore it is advisable to protect it from various harmful effects of the internal and external environment. You will need to go on a special diet that will restore the functions of the skin and provide it with the necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, for the entire rehabilitation period, it will be necessary to abandon decorative cosmetics and usual care products and treat the skin only with healing creams and lotions prescribed by a doctor.
  • the procedure is very painful, treatment with anesthetics, as a rule, does not help much. The height of the sensitivity threshold when processing with a hot laser does not matter - the sensations will be extremely unpleasant;
  • if the skin has inflammations, injuries, abrasions, open wounds, bright acne, the fractional thermolifting procedure will be impossible.

Preparation for fractional thermolifting

Special preparation for the procedure of fractional facial rejuvenation is to be gentle on the skin a couple of weeks before the procedure. It is best not to use decorative cosmetics, alcohol-based care products, as well as lotions and tonics with soapy ingredients for cleansing.

Do not use products containing antibiotics inside or outside. If during this time pathology has appeared, the treatment of which is not possible without such drugs, then the fractional thermolifting procedure will have to be postponed.

Before the procedure, the cosmetologist thoroughly cleanses the skin of the face with special means, applies anesthetic lotions. After complete absorption of the product, the procedure is carried out directly.

Rehabilitation after the procedure

rehabilitation after fractional facial skin rejuvenation

Doctors warn that after the procedure the face will be very sore, significant discomfort will appear, despite the use of various anesthetic agents. After 3 hours, severe redness and swelling may appear - this is a normal physiological reaction to aggressive heat exposure. The "swelling" around the eyes and nose will be especially noticeable.

In order to reduce swelling and speed up the recovery process, it is recommended to eat less salty food and limit yourself to fluid intake on the first day.

On the second day, the skin will abundantly secrete ichor, which will lead to the formation of a dense crust on the upper layer of the epidermis. It is strictly forbidden to touch it. Over time, it will dissolve and go away on its own. You can consult with a specialist about the further use of moisturizing masks with hyaluronic acid, which will help the skin to recover much faster.

Do not heed the advice of your doctor, especially those related to daily regimes and the use of regenerating creams and lotions.

Wash your face for 2 weeks after the procedure only with boiled water, and after that you should regularly carry out ozone therapy. Until the upper layers of the skin come to a healthy state and acquire a normal color, it is strictly forbidden to carry out various peels and scrubs.

In order for the regeneration process not to be delayed, you need to drink more vitamins, protect your skin from direct sunlight and apply healing creams and ointments to it daily. This will help not only quickly get rid of discomfort and shorten the rehabilitation period, but also contribute to the consolidation of the effect for a long time. The more attentive the care, the better, fresher and more perfect the skin looks after the procedure.