Home treatments for facial rejuvenation

Regardless of how carefully we take care of the skin, after 30 the first undoubted signs of aging begin to appear - wrinkles. Gradually, the skin loses its elasticity, its elasticity decreases, and wrinkles become more pronounced.

Beauty salons offer a variety of methods to slow down the aging of the epidermal layer, but not everyone can afford them. In this case, home rejuvenation procedures come to the rescue based on natural ingredients given to us by nature.

This method of prolonging youth is based on the regularity of their use, which can significantly improve the condition of aging skin at no extra cost.


Proper facial cleansing is an important factor in prolonging youthfulness. Cosmetics offer a wide range of cleansing products, but homemade recipes can also be used to cleanse your face.

For example, using oils. This method helps to maintain adequate hydration of the epidermis, softens it and saturates it with nutrients.

Facial skin after proper cleansing

For the procedure, you can use 10 ml of olive oil with the addition of 2 drops of orange, rose, rosemary or lavender oil, depending on the type of skin. Massage your face with a warm oil mixture for a minute, then wipe with a cotton pad and wash.

Applying a peel or scrub

Without these anti-aging home treatments, it is impossible to imagine a complete anti-aging facial. For sensitive skin, a gentle and gentle peeling method based on fruit acids is recommended.

Exfoliation with a scrub is based on a harder, mechanical effect on the epidermis. Therefore, in order to obtain the desired result when choosing these methods, it is necessary to take into account the type of skin and its individual needs.

In homemade recipes, the most popular are salt, sugar and coffee scrubs.

Salt scrub for rejuvenating face care

Regular exfoliation every 7 days promotes cell renewal, stimulates the formation of collagen fibers, improves the texture of the epidermis, smoothes wrinkles, and evens out the complexion. A noticeable result is visible immediately after the procedure.

Rubbing your face with ice

An excellent home rejuvenating method with an immediate effect. Morning rubbing the skin with ice cubes helps to get rid of puffiness, including around the eyes, tones and tightens the epidermis, stimulates blood circulation, due to which cells are enriched with oxygen and nutrients.

The procedure is carried out for about a minute, until a blush appears on the face, the moisture is allowed to dry naturally and morning cream is applied. It should be remembered that in case of rosacea and skin inflammation, this method of skin care is contraindicated.

It is not necessary to use only water to make ice cubes. A more pronounced result is obtained by using green tea, herbal extracts of chamomile, linden and nettle.

Adding 0. 5 tsp. base oils will provide additional hydration and nutrition. Another great idea is to freeze diluted fruit, berry, or citrus juice.

Cocoa mask to restore firmness to the skin of the face


Masks are an important rejuvenating home care procedure. Their undoubted advantage is efficiency, low cost and extraordinary richness of natural nutrients.

Most Popular Components of Anti-Aging Recipes

  • Honey, base oil and sour cream. Apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. You will see the first results immediately after application. The skin is visibly tightened, its color improves, wrinkles are smoothed, traces of fatigue disappear, and puffiness under the eyes decreases.
  • A rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients - cocoa. Masks with this ingredient restore skin elasticity, retain moisture in the deep layers of the dermis, nourish and reduce signs of aging.
  • Banana. Mix banana pulp with tsp. milk powder and honey. Apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Bananas are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, so regular use reduces wrinkles and bags under the eyes.
  • Basic cosmetic oils - the main component of anti-aging masks
  • Essential oils and base oils (select based on your skin's needs). The most demanded component in the preparation of any mask. Oils can be added to any recipe.

    Basic - 1-1 / 2 tsp, and essential 2-3 drops are enough for a single use. This component gives good results when added to creams just before use.

  • Vitamin E. Tocopherol oil solution is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals. Masks based on it help to slow down aging, promote cell renewal and regeneration, restoring skin elasticity.
  • When applied to the skin, cosmetic clay promotes its detoxification, cleanses the pores, moisturizes, tightens the face contour and smoothes wrinkles.
  • Egg white, gelatin and starch are products that provide instant lifting of the skin after their application.

You can make your own recipes by combining any ingredients: berries and fruits, vegetables, seaweed, cottage cheese and sour cream, honey, aloe vera gel and many others. But before applying a mask (peeling or scrub), steam your face over a hot herbal decoction or just boiling water, after cleansing the skin.

Steaming the face over a hot herbal decoction

The steam will open the pores well and allow nutrients to quickly and easily penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis. Exfoliating will also give a more pronounced result.


A systematic facial massage at home stimulates blood circulation, enhances lymphatic drainage, and supports cell renewal. Exercising just five minutes a day will slow down the aging process and reduce signs of wilting.

It is important to understand that in order for facial rejuvenation procedures to be effective, in addition to home beauty recipes, several other important factors must be taken into account: a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, adequate hydration of the body, good sleep, a minimum of stress and protection of the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation.