Complex rejuvenation of the body skin

Elastic body skin after rejuvenation procedures

Today every woman wants to look her 100 and does everything possible for this. Moreover, there are many cosmetic developments that make it possible to slow down the aging process of the skin.

These are different procedures performed by an experienced beautician. Therefore, it is important to consult with him initially.

How can you rejuvenate your skin?

Beauty salons today can offer many options. Surgical intervention, laser procedures, injections are separate parts of the only system that is called "skin rejuvenation". You can conditionally divide these procedures into groups:

  • injections;
  • hardware methods;
  • plastic.

Rejuvenation with injections

Most often, women resort to mesotherapy, that is, they inject drugs. With their help, the skin becomes more beautiful and fresh. Usually, the skin is saturated with nutrients, vitamins, which are contained in these medicines. They can improve the appearance and condition of the skin.

The skin is under enormous stress every day, because it is influenced by the environment. Therefore, the skin acts as a protective barrier. It is also a part of the body that we can sometimes forget about.

Mesotherapy rejuvenation is an opportunity to compensate for the lack of care. Here, drugs are used that the cells of the epidermis currently need.

We should also mention hyaluronic acid injections. It creates a moisturizing, nourishing effect and more. Such procedures are capable of starting the processes of neocollagenesis, and are also biorevitalization for the skin.

Botulinum toxin is completely different. But this direction in the issue of rejuvenation with injections is also effective. Today people have heard about botulinum toxin injections as a preventive measure. After all, it is much easier to prevent the appearance of defects than to cure them.

Hardware rejuvenation

Fractional photothermolysis of facial skin

Three possible procedures are worth highlighting here:

  • thermolifting;
  • fractional photothermolysis;
  • photorejuvenation.

If we talk about the most popular technique, then this is fractional photothermolysis. It is also called laser skin nanoperforation. The cells of the epidermis are affected by heat radiation, it promotes the production of collagen and cell division. As a result, the skin is firmer, has a beautiful shade and fewer wrinkles.

Thermolifting implies a unique method of rejuvenation, which uses thermal radiation and its various sources. What is the essence of the procedure? The proteins of the skin are affected by temperature, and this increases the elasticity of the collagen matrix of the skin. Already after the end of the first session, it becomes noticeable how the skin has rejuvenated. And after a full course, even the previous body contours are restored.

Photorejuvenation is a method that will make your skin look younger without the need for surgery. There is no need to remove the top layer of the dermis, despite the fact that the work is based on the use of laser equipment. The beam affects the pigment of blood vessels, melanocytes, as a result of which the skin tone becomes smoother and lighter.


Body skin microstimulation procedure

The microstimulation device works when the muscle movement is contracted. This is the essence of the procedure. That is, the muscles are influenced by impulses and because of this, the muscles contract.

During the procedure, the person is in a supine state on the couch, relaxed, and at this time the muscles are actively working. They get stronger and get the shape they need.

This method belongs to modern cosmetology, which is able to solve several problems:

  • cellulite, excess volume, weight;
  • lack of muscle tone, flabbiness;
  • malfunctioning of metabolism, swelling;
  • stagnation of lymph, water inside the cells.

This procedure can be performed by different people, even those with sensitive skin. After all, it does not lead to stretch marks, irritation, pain, and has no contraindications.

But it is always worth remembering, regardless of the chosen method of body skin rejuvenation, you should definitely consult with a specialist. After all, he can tell in more detail about each method, explain whether a certain procedure will be effective in your case. In addition, a professional should perform it so that later there are no complications.

Plastic surgery

Few today use such a method of rejuvenation as plastic surgery. But there are situations when the problem that has arisen cannot be solved by other methods, injections. This can be in the case of old age (after all, cells are not dividing so actively) or when the skin is too sagging.

Then it remains to correct the defect only with the help of plastics. For this, thread lifting of the skin is often performed. The procedure is complex, but it gives the desired effect. In terms of effectiveness, it can even surpass laser rejuvenation.