The most effective facial rejuvenation procedure: what do the experts advise?

Even the smallest signs of aging can make a woman feel depressed. The fair sex is ready for a lot to keep the external signs of youth for as long as possible. For this, various means are used. But professional cosmetic techniques are considered the most effective. Which of them will make facial rejuvenation real?

Until the age of 25, the body actively synthesizes collagen and elastin, so the skin remains young and fresh. Over time, the situation is changing. The renewal of the epidermis is slower: at the age of 30 - once a month, and at 55 - once every 2 months! After 40, the upper stratum corneum thickens, and the dermis, on the contrary, becomes thinner. The amount of collagen decreases sharply, as a result of which skin turgor worsens.

It is easy to see that the appearance of the first signs of aging varies according to age for each person. It depends on hereditary factors, lifestyle, health status and quality of self-care. But the reasons lie not only in this. Of great importance is the type of aging of the face.

Types of skin aging: description

To choose the right anti-age care strategy, it is important to correctly determine the type of skin aging. There are 5 main ones:

  • tired typecharacterized by loss of tone, dullness. With age, the "fullness" of the face changes: volumes are lost in the infraorbital region and the cheek area. The visually tired type is defined by its owners as follows: they look like after a long time without sleep. An excellent option for rejuvenation in this case would be a facial massage, as well as the use of fillers.
  • Fine wrinkled typemost often seen in women with dry and thin skin. Due to the minimal layer of subcutaneous fat, wrinkles sometimes appear already by the age of 20! The main problem of this type is the loss of moisture at a deep level. Biorevitalization is perfect for its solution. Botox can help correct wrinkles.
  • Deformation typeaging is easy to recognize by the swollen oval of the face, jowls and nasolabial folds. Such skin is often dense and with enlarged pores. This type is almost always accompanied by swelling. The best anti-aging treatments are massage, microcurrent therapy.
  • Muscular typeatypical for Europeans. Asians are the most susceptible to this aging. The skin of the face with it remains dense, the muscles do not lose their tone, but the subcutaneous fat becomes very thin over the years, which makes the features sharp and rough. This type of skin is most prone to pigmentation. You can rejuvenate the face with this type of aging with the help of Botox, contouring, massage.
  • mixed typeaging is a combination of signs of all types described above. This can be dullness, and loss of clarity of the contour of the face or volume, and fine wrinkles. Anti-aging procedures are selected individually, taking into account local problems.

When is the right time to choose anti-aging care?

Facial rejuvenation procedures usually begin at the age of 30-35. This is the age when most people show noticeable signs of aging, such as:

  • Loss of skin firmness
  • The appearance of wrinkles
  • Change in complexion (becomes dull)
  • Sensitization
  • Loss of clarity of facial contours
  • Ptosis (drooping) of the corners of the eyes and lips
  • Development of puffiness

You need to understand that anti-aging procedures of any level will not help restore the skin to its original youth. But it's quite possible:

  • correct external signs of aging. Botox and contour plastic will help with this.
  • slow down the aging process by improving metabolic processes in the superficial and deep layers of the skin. Massage and ozone therapy are great for this.
  • activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, for example, using fillers based on hyaluronic acid.
  • start the internal reserves of the skin by applying peelings, as well as photo and laser hardware methods.

Anti-age care requires an integrated approach. To understand how to tighten the skin, you need to consider the issue more broadly. It is the practice of a certain lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet, suitable physical activity, quality night sleep, outdoor activity, as well as a harmonious psycho-emotional state. If these principles are not observed, then the impact of any means, procedures and even surgical techniques will be temporary.

Top 10 professional rejuvenation techniques

1. Peeling

face mask for skin rejuvenation

This is perhaps the most popular cosmetic procedure. It is suitable for skin rejuvenation of any type of aging. The following types of peels have an active anti-aging effect:

  • Chemical. Its essence lies in the application to the skin of active active substances based on acid, alkaline or enzymatic compositions, which allow causing the so-called "controlled chemical burn". It helps to get rid of the keratinized layer of the epidermis, as well as start the natural processes of skin renewal. There are superficial, medium and deep peels. The latter type of exfoliation is very traumatic, therefore it is used to correct serious defects and requires a long recovery period.
  • laser. There are 4 main types of procedure:
    1. cold way. Only the surface of the epidermis is treated with laser beams. This is a gentle exfoliation, which is similar in results to a light acid peel. When carried out, it requires local anesthesia, the rehabilitation period lasts 2-3 days.
    2. hot wayseverely injures not only the upper layers of the skin, but also the dermis. This allows you to highly effectively stimulate the production of your own collagen, to achieve an impressive rejuvenating effect. But, of course, you will have to pay for such results with a long recovery period.
    3. Fractional peeling(laser photothermolysis) is much easier to tolerate than hot exfoliation. This is due to the possibility of spot treatment of the necessary areas, without injuring the entire surface of the skin. The rehabilitation period is short and painless, and the procedure itself does not cause pain. But the effectiveness of the technique is magnificent!
    4. Carbon peelingis a relatively new method. It works effectively and does not bring discomfort during the procedure. The procedure is done in 2 stages: applying a mask based on CO2 (carbon dioxide), directly cleaning itself.

Laser facial rejuvenation gives a striking visible effect, but it is quite painful and takes a long time to recover. Any type of cleansing is advised to do in the autumn-winter period, as they provoke photosensitivity. Usually, a specialist prescribes a course of several procedures, depending on the condition of the skin.

2. Massage

facial skin massage for rejuvenation

This is a simple technique, but if performed by a professional, it can transform the face. It allows you to tighten the oval, remove puffiness, reduce the number and depth of wrinkles, improve complexion and skin elasticity. The effect is achieved due to the improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissues. Massage must be done in a course, which usually consists of 6-12 sessions with a specialist. The procedure gives a visible result of rejuvenation, but to maintain it, it is recommended to visit a masseur annually.

3. Ozone therapy

ozone therapy for skin rejuvenation

The procedure, along with mesotherapy and biorevitalization, can be called preventive. The rejuvenating effect is achieved by introducing an oxygen-ozone mixture into the deep layers of the dermis with a special syringe. Injections are made pointwise in problem areas, so the result is visible instantly. By saturating the blood with oxygen and accelerating the processes of tissue regeneration, the complexion, relief and turgor of the skin improve, fine wrinkles are erased. Before the procedure, the dermatologist necessarily prescribes an examination of the patient, including giving a referral for tests. This preparation allows you to determine the exact number of sessions needed by a particular person.

4. Photorejuvenation

photorejuvenation of the skin

Allows you to act on the deep layers of the skin with light pulses that do not affect the surface of the epidermis. Broadband pulsed light is "cleansed" of infrared and ultraviolet rays that have a harmful effect. For 5-8 sessions (full course) it is impossible to radically remove age-related changes. But phototherapy allows:

  • Remove spider veins
  • Improve complexion
  • Get rid of pigmentation
  • Strengthen skin turgor

5. Plasmolifting

plasmolifting for skin rejuvenation

A revolutionary method in such an area as facial rejuvenation, the reviews of the fair sex about it are the most enthusiastic. Suitable for stopping age-related skin changes of any type of aging. "Dracula Therapy" - this is how the technique is often called. The reason for the unusual name is in the essence of the technique. The fact is that in the areas requiring correction, patients are injected with their blood plasma. This fluid allows you to stimulate the work of fibroblasts (connective tissue cells), which cause the body to actively produce collagen and elastin at the injection sites of the plasma. Thus, the process of self-rejuvenation of the skin starts.

Before the procedure, blood is taken from the patient from a vein, which is centrifuged into the erythrocyte part and plasma. The latter is used for subcutaneous injections.

The course of treatment is 3-5 procedures. A noticeable result appears within a week after the first injection. Over time, it decreases, so it is recommended to turn to plasmolifting annually.

It is worth noting that although this procedure is considered one of the safest among anti-aging, it has strict contraindications for people with diabetes, impaired hematopoiesis and blood clotting.

6. Hardware lifting

A universal technique that allows you to achieve a noticeable rejuvenating effect painlessly and without unnecessary risks. Currently, 2 types of procedures are especially popular:

  • RF liftingcharacterized by the stimulation of collagen and elastin production through the action of an electric current. During the procedure, the patient does not experience pain, the recovery period is minimal. After a course of 7-10 sessions, the effect will last for about six months.
  • SMAS liftingis done using ultrasonic waves of directional action. The procedure improves microcirculation in tissues, activates collagen synthesis. Such lifting is also painless and does not require long-term rehabilitation. A big plus - the result is stored for a year and a half.

7. Microcurrent therapy

microcurrent therapy for skin rejuvenation

This hardware technique consists in influencing the epidermis with the help of pulsed currents of low voltage (up to 1 mA), which allows achieving significant results in the field of rejuvenation. This therapy has many advantages:

  • Absence of pain
  • Non-invasiveness
  • Instant visible results
  • Security
  • Possibility of combination with other procedures

Microcurrents have practically no drawbacks, except for a temporary effect that lasts about 5-6 months.

8. Botox

Botox injections for skin rejuvenation

A technique proven by time, which consists in the injection of botulinum toxin into the mimic muscles of the face. Blocking these muscles allows you to reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin. The effect lasts for about six months. Despite the reliability of the procedure, it can have negative consequences:

  • Impaired mobility of the face when it looks like a mask. Most often appears with the abuse of injections.
  • Eyebrow or eyelid drooping, lip asymmetry in the Botox area.
  • The production of antibodies to botulinum toxin, which reduces the effectiveness of the procedure.

9. Contour plastic

The essence of the method is the introduction into those areas of the face where there is a loss of volume, fillers based on hyaluronic acid. The procedure allows you to visibly restore the contours of the face. To achieve the effect, at least 2-3 sessions are required, since hyaluronic acid from the first injections usually does not accumulate, being spent on moisturizing the skin. Fillers are gradually destroyed, so the procedure will have to be repeated every six months or a year.

Currently, in the field of contour plastics, such a technique as lipolifting has appeared. During its implementation, purified fat of the patient is introduced into the area of deep wrinkles, which is taken, for example, from the abdomen. The advantages of the technique are that adipose tissue takes root at the injection sites, and does not dissolve over time, like hyaluronic acid.

10. Mesothreads

This is a real breakthrough in modern aesthetic medicine. The procedure consists in the introduction of the thinnest threads of special materials under the skin, which form an internal rejuvenating frame based on its own connective tissues. The effect of applying the technique is cumulative, the optimal result can be seen 2-3 months after the introduction, as well as prolonged - up to 3 years of visible rejuvenation.

You need to understand that the implantation of mesothreads is a complex manipulation that should be carried out by a doctor with experience in this profile. With all the apparent complexity, the technique is practically painless for the patient, it is performed under local anesthesia.

It should be noted that an experienced doctor can optimally select anti-aging procedures based on specific tasks, the patient's health status, his type of skin aging. The specialist will explain the pros and cons of each of the methods, talk about contraindications and possible risks. Therefore, when thinking about facial rejuvenation, you should choose proven aesthetic clinics and professional doctors.