The 9 most effective ways how to make skin elastic

The elasticity of the skin is affected by not only age, but health and ecology, food and many other factors. Elasticity significantly depend on whether the skin of moisture.

If the skin is not maintained, then already 35 years old, many women may notice rapidly progressing signs of aging.Care is recommended not only for face but for whole body. Particularly strong can give the woman's age the condition of the hands.

Depends on the elasticity directly from production:

  • collagen;
  • elastin;
  • the hyaluronic.

Collagen has a direct impact on the elasticity of the connective tissues and their density. Elastin contained in the skin, enables them to stretch when needed and return to their original shape. Moisture depends mainly on production of hyaluronic.

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In cases where for any reason production of these substances in the body is broken, the skin quickly starts to lose elasticity and aging. Regulates the synthesis of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic hormone estrogen.


To increase the elasticity of your skin, you can use the fatty vegetable oils. The substances contained in them, stimulate the regeneration processes in cells, improve metabolism, strengthen cell membranes and cleanse the epidermis and increase its humidity.

To keep youth you can use almond oil, which has a lot of vitamin E. This oil smoothes wrinkles, improves complexion, moisturizes and protects from ultraviolet radiation. If the dermis loses its elasticity, you can purchase castor oil or walnut oil.

When the loss of elasticity, lightening and rejuvenation, for healing of wounds and scratches, you can apply peach oil. To restore the elasticity of skin by using apricot oil or rosemary.

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The wheat germ oil will improve the elasticity of the skin, but also relieves irritation, eliminates peeling, removes itching. With regular use it will diminish the signs of rosacea.


Youthful skin promotes the eating of certain foods. For example, buckwheat groats contain rutin and unsaturated fatty acids – they slow the aging process. Other cereals that contain silicon, also affect the good condition of the skin. Contain lot of silicon products such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and berries.

If the facial skin loses its elasticity and fades, it could signal a shortage of iron. In this case, it is recommended to eat foods such as liver, veal, chicken, oatmeal and egg yolks.

Help prevent moisture loss products that contain the element selenium. Contains it in large quantities in seafood, eggs, liver and garlic. Another helpful element is zinc, which is in bran, yeast, mushrooms, nuts and cocoa.

To maintain a normal moisture level not only with products but also with ordinary clean water (clean water you need to drink at least 2 liters a day). But this method will have a noticeable effect only on younger skin, but older women should think about the use of special cosmetics.


Masks for elasticity of face skin

If the dermis start to lose elasticity and aging, then maintain it at home you can use masks from products that are in the fridge. Apply such masks on the face of the need for 15-20 minutes, then rinse them with warm water.

The simplest mask – the mask of potatoes. It should be done thus: grate the cleaned raw potato and add a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply the mask from potatoes to clean skin of the face.

Effective mask for elasticity of face skin from the egg white. They can be made only of protein (it must just beat until foam and apply to the skin) or protein with a spoon of oat flour (you need to mix the ingredients and apply the mixture to skin in a thin layer).

As a means for skin elasticity you can use dry mustard to make this mask you need a spoon of mustard, olive oil and boiling water (for tablespoons of each ingredient). Apply the product to a thin layer, and need to rinse after 5 minutes.

A great tool to increase elasticity of the skin at home cosmetic clay (kaolin). On a tablespoon of clay you need to take a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice. All the ingredients should be well mixed before applying.

Bath and sauna

To preserve youthfulness of the skin is recommended to visit the sauna (bath) once a week. This procedure promotes the removal of toxins and excess water and also exfoliate actinic particles. In addition, the sauna is able to increase metabolic process, improving blood circulation in the skin.


To strengthen the effect of this procedure is possible by means of tools such as scrubs, masks and wraps (you can buy them in the store and the pharmacy or make your own from sour cream, yogurt, coffee, sugar, honey, salt and essential oils). They need to be applied after the exit from the steam room. Absorption and assimilation of skin nutrients from cosmetics after the bath or sauna is much faster due to the expansion of the pores at high temperature.


When you saw that the skin loses elasticity and can begin to do baths at home. They not only will contribute to a good appearance, but also help to lose weight, get rid of cellulite, stretch marks and give it a healthy color. Take a rejuvenating bath is recommended twice a week (about 20 minutes). Water temperature during this procedure should not be above 37°C, otherwise the cardiovascular system can be harmed.

The most effective and affordable means to preserve youthful skin – is:
  • salt;
  • milk;
  • green tea;
  • herbal infusions.

Bath salt – a cost-effective means of extending the youth. In the bath you need to take 400 g (preferably sea) salt. Optionally, you can add a few drops of any essential oil.

Bath with milk nourishes and moisturizes the skin, has a relaxing effect. For one bath you need to take 3 liters of fatty milk and a half Cup of liquid honey.

Very affordable and easy to prepare is the bathroom with green tea. Need to brew strong green tea (Cup of boiling water to take 3 tbsp and leave for 15 min).

Bath with herbal infusion will moisturize, tone and nourish. To prepare for one bath will be sufficient to take two tablespoons of the herbs that you want to pour boiling water and let stand for 10 minutes For this procedure it is possible to take chamomile, lemon balm, rosemary, mint, Carduus, and juniper.

Daily skin care

At home daily to do simple procedures:
  • contrast shower;
  • applying moisturizers;
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Contrast shower – a great tool for the prevention of sagging skin. The water temperature should be comfortable for you to trigger the release of endorphins and improve mood. Regular use of a contrast shower it tones the body and accelerates blood circulation.

Face at night is very useful to wash with cold water, after which you can wipe it herbal infusion. You can make ice cubes of herbal infusions. Regular conduction of such procedures will allow to keep elasticity and healthy complexion for a long time.

To maintain the skin's moisture in the morning it is recommended to apply moisturizer and in the evening — nutritious. This will help to prolong youthfulness and provide a healthy look. Suitable for this cream, serums and balms. Start using a moisturizing and nourishing creams is recommended after 25 years.

Lifestyle and skin condition

If the skin doesn't lose elasticity, to maintain their status by simply adhering to a healthy lifestyle and rational feeding. It is recommended to use organic foods, cooked at home. Worsen the condition skin fried and salty foods, such as sweet or fatty meals. Very important for youthful skin restful sleep.

Need to pay special attention to the choice of decorative cosmetics. It should be of high quality and as natural as possible. Cosmetics must be chosen in accordance with the type of the epidermis.

Poison for the skin is nicotine. In women who smoke, the skin quickly becomes dry or too oily. Sooner for smokers wrinkles appear and the face has an earthy hue.

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Bad influence on the condition of the skin different diets, in which nutrition is not balanced on the content of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Loss of elasticity can occur with a sharp increase in body weight or when severe her loss. So we need to carefully monitor their weight, food and health.

Treatments beauty salons

Due to various reasons (age, illness, poor environment) daily care and various procedures carried out at home may not be enough.

In this case, it is recommended to do anti-aging treatments in beauty salons:

  • mesotherapy;
  • ozone therapy;
  • myo stimulation;
  • phyto lifting.

Treatments in beauty salons to improve the skin condition are selected by a beautician. They are very effective, but they have not a small value, and require regular applications to maintain the effect. To resort to them will have after 50 years or in case of serious failure in the body due to hormonal disturbances, stress, bad habits.

Daily skin care using inexpensive tools and simple procedures, proper nutrition and avoiding harmful habits, is able to maintain the young and elastic skin for a long time without any complicated and expensive procedures.