The use of sea buckthorn oil for skin at home

The big advantage is that you can make a mask you can own from simple ingredients, in the home. A slurry natural, not harmful and has no contraindications. Plus, preparing it with your hands, you can be part of the tool other ingredients that will be combined with those in the recipe, adding. Thanks to this mask from sea buckthorn oil for the face will be as you approach.

Use sea buckthorn oil for skin

Uti mare buckthorn oleum cutis

It is obtained from the pulp of sea buckthorn berries. Cosmetic oil undergoes the necessary treatment, without losing its medicinal properties. To use sea buckthorn oil can be for everyone.

The composition of such funds, see:

  • vitamins E, C and A (responsible for youth, help to get rid of wrinkles);
  • organic acid;
  • amino acids;
  • phytosterols;
  • phospholipids;
  • minerals.

Such a unique and mega useful composition is essential in cosmetology. Using sea buckthorn oil is possible to get rid of pigmentation, freckles, wrinkles, moisturizing the skin, tone the skin, soften it and nourish with vitamins. To smear the face they need a couple times a week, as the only way to get the maximum effect.

The use of sea buckthorn oil for face

As mentioned above, the sea buckthorn oil works wonders. Thanks to him you can solve a few problems and also make your face visually younger. Also helps sea buckthorn oil for acne, that's just such a struggle to use it on a daily basis. Please note that to obtain a positive result in a short time application for the skin has to be competent, subject to the following rules:

  1. Preparing a mask by yourself, keep in mind the useful properties of each product you are using for this recipe because the inept combination can cause harm.
  2. Sea buckthorn oil is best purchased at the pharmacy, stores a lot of fakes.
  3. Oil anti-wrinkle use in the quantities in which listed in the recipe. The increase will not bring additional benefit.
  4. Sea buckthorn for face will reveal its benefits only when it is applied to clean, soar the skin. No makeup on it should not be.
  5. The correct application will give you the desired result in two weeks. That's just not necessary immediately "to throw" means. This natural course of treatment is two months.

    Best recipes of homemade sea buckthorn facial

    Sea buckthorn for skin is a real cure, one of the best ways to solve thousands of problems. However, it is necessary to choose the most suitable, the best recipes of masks from the comfort of your own needs. We have selected for you an effective face mask that can pass the test of time and undoubtedly will help you.

    Mask with sea buckthorn oil from wrinkles

    The result: perfect for fading skin that needs increased hydration. Thanks to her, evens the complexion, wrinkles, narrow pores, the covering is elastic.

    • yellow clay mask – one teaspoon;
    • sea buckthorn oil – one teaspoon;
    • yolk with one spoon.

    Preparation: the clay is bred in the yolk, add the butter and put on forty minutes.

    Mask with sea buckthorn oil for acne

    Result: removes inflammation, pimples are dried and disappear.

    • egg protein;
    • green clay, one teaspoon;
    • sea buckthorn oil – two tablespoons;
    • tea tree oil to ten drops;
    • lemon juice – one spoon.

    Preparation: mix the ingredients listed in the recipe and put on thirty-five minutes.

    Mask for dry skin

    The result: sea buckthorn mask deeply hydrates, locking in moisture, evens tone and fine lines.

    • cottage cheese (do not use fat) – one tablespoon;
    • honey – one spoon;
    • milk – one spoon;
    • sea buckthorn oil – one spoon.

    Preparation: mash the cheese in milk and add other ingredients. Applied on for twenty minutes.

    oleum mare buckthorn

    Mask for oily skin

    The result: these homemade face masks can get rid of unpleasant, causing complexes of fatty gloss, to saturate the epidermis with nutrients and forces sebaceous glands to work properly.

    • decoction of chamomile – two spoons;
    • yogurt – one spoon;
    • sea buckthorn oil – one teaspoon;
    • flakes of Hercules – two spoons.

    Preparation: hover flakes in a hot broth, then add yogurt and sea buckthorn oil. Need to rinse after thirty minutes.

    Mask with sea buckthorn oil and honey

    The result: nourishes, moisturizes, prevents aging.

    • honey – one spoon;
    • sea buckthorn oil – one teaspoon;
    • vitamin E – a few drops;
    • strawberry juice – 0.5 teaspoon;
    • the flesh of the avocado – one spoon.

    Preparation: berries squeeze the juice and mix all the ingredients. Apply for twenty minutes.