The restoration and rejuvenation of the skin with the help of plasma lifting

Plasma lifting is a shallow invasive cosmetic procedure during which, under the patient's skin contains active substances. The peculiarity of this impact is the fact that the role of the active components here is blood plasma of the patient .

For this he is taken from 20 to 100 ml of blood and in the centrifuge it from the plasma.

The process is that it is injected under the skin to a depth of 3 mm. It helps to activate stem cells, and overall rejuvenation of the skin . This method is suitable for those who are afraid of chemical exposure and related adverse effects, here everything is natural and natural, is done in the presence of the patient.

Plasma sanguinem, habet proprietates unicum

Possession of such a drug is excluded, the next session does the new blood. For maximum effect, usually requires 4-5 sessions, but the exact number will be determined by a physician, it all depends on the severity of the case and from the result, which wants to receive the patient. The interval between sessions is about 2 weeks , during which time the person manages to relax, and the plasma — to start their beneficial effects.

The possibility of plasma

Blood plasma has unique properties, it activates the stem cells of the body , improves metabolism and as a consequence significantly improves the skin condition, it becomes much younger and fresher. The effect can be held for a long time, but over time, the process must be repeated.

The possibilities of this new method allow to solve the following problems:

  • the effects of Smoking or harmful effects of the environment, if the skin because of this, have an unhealthy color;
  • age-related changes;
  • wrinkles;
  • too oily or dry skin.

With the broadest range of capabilities, plasma can not only rejuvenate the skin but also could be an additional therapy in other cosmetic treatments , helping the skin to recover after them, as well as increasing their effect.

Hoc modo quandam curatio dolor

The pros and cons

The use of patient's own blood and the rejection of ready-made plasma is made of blood, eliminates the possibility of infection. Despite the fact that the method is quite young, it has already gained popularity among patients and among professionals. It differs from other methods in cosmetology by the fact that it is absolutely safe and does not cause allergies and other side effects.

The effect of the procedure is not only long, but also growing and can last several years.

  • This method of treatment involves some pain, and it scares many people, in fact the sensation is quite tolerable.

    Yet it is worth noting the quite high cost . After the course many people expect instant results and are disappointed, coming home, not finding them.

    Do not just do the negative findings, the result will show itself after 8-10 days, when the plasma will manifest itself in all its possibilities.

    Occurs only the recovery and rejuvenation of the face, but not his face.

    Indications for plasma therapy

    Among the main indications for treatment by the method of plasma therapy are:

    • age-related changes;
    • the unhealthy pallor or color;
    • sagging and excessive dryness;
    • dullness of the skin the result of weight loss;
    • acne;
    • the consequences of the overuse Solarium;
    • the presence of wrinkles, including deep.



    Like any treatment, this one also has its contraindications, as temporary, under which the procedure should be postponed or permanent, under which this method of treatment is absolutely excluded :

    • pregnancy at any time;
    • breast-feeding;
    • inflammatory or infectious disease;
    • cancer of any form and stage, even a predisposition to them;
    • hepatitis of any form;
    • diseases of the blood;
    • reception thins blood drugs;
    • HIV;
    • other viral diseases.

    A strict ban on the procedure in the presence of viral diseases due to the fact that when entering the plasma, begins active division of stem cells , and this, according to experts, could lead to further development and complication of existing disease.

    Results and the efficiency of the method

    Result after treatment, and it is usually 5-6 sessions will be noticeable immediately. We have to wait 8-10 days to introduced, plasma began to work.

    As a result, the skin is visibly bright, wrinkles become less noticeable, and in some cases disappear altogether, acne disappears.

    A positive result usually lasts at least 1.5-2 years , maybe more. When maintaining a healthy lifestyle and carrying out additional maintenance and care of the skin the result may last up to 5-6 years. After which the treatment can be repeated.


    Before you undertake such a course of treatment, the patient will be assigned a blood test, and if contraindications are not, then you can prepare for the procedure. Preparations for plasma face lift is not difficult , it is one of the advantages of this method.

    Plasma face lift is usually carried out in the morning, as blood sampling for preparation of the plasma taken on an empty stomach to do.

    In the evening do not overeat, a light dinner will be enough, you should also not drink alcohol for 3-4 days prior to session , its presence in the blood may adversely affect its composition.

    vos should bibere non vocatus ad 3-4 dies ante sessionem

    The recovery period is 3-5 days. At this time you cannot be in the sun even for a short time , exposing the face to wind or frost.

    During recovery after a session it is necessary to refrain from visiting baths and saunas, as well as from the use of cosmetics. You can use a soothing cream. In two weeks you can drive next time.

    Features of carrying out of the procedure

    The procedure is performed only in the clinic , at home its implementation is not possible as it requires special equipment, training of personnel and conditions. Before the session the patient undergoes a blood sampling from a vein, it resembles the usual analysis, after which the blood in a special tube placed in a centrifuge, where the process of separation of plasma.

    At this time, the doctor starts the treatment of the face of the disinfection solution, as in conventional injection. Plasma ready, and begins the process of injection with multiple injections to a depth of 3 mm. the procedure Itself can be painful. Its duration is from 20 to 40 minutes , after which the patient is resting and can go home.

    What goes

    This procedure is universal, i.e. it can be used as an independent individual, and in combination with other types of cosmetic services .

    Most often plasma therapy for face is used as a regenerative therapy after fractus thermolysis.

    After this procedure the skin may be irritated, and have some micro cuts and plasma lift helps the skin to cover a full recovery . Perhaps in addition to plasma therapy procedure for rejuvenation, bio revitalizing and chemical peels for the face.

    Features of

    Plasma lifting helps to reduce rehabilitation period after installation of meso threads. Goes well with meso therapy skin of the head and face, laser dermabrasion and sessions RF-lifting. Remarkable result can be obtained when plasma is combined with lifting, meso roller.

    The method, despite his youth, has been able to gain credibility among the clients of beauty salons. Many of them have appreciated its advantages.

    In the technology of its conduct and compliance with all rules during the recovery period, it is safe and effective, the risk of side effects is reduced to zero. Good luck, be beautiful and happy!